Our 4th Saturday monthly Hosefest matches normally feature four or five stages run on an open squading format. The stages are often large format with a relatively high number of rounds required to complete. Reloading during the course of fire will be common. Props, movement and reactive targets are frequently used to enhance the challenge and add diversity. Stage designs may draw from IPSC, ICORE, IDPA and Steel Challenge disciplines but will be adapted to the freeform philosophy of the match.

What is open squading?

This match uses an open squading format. Unlike our other matches there is no designated start time. Each stage will have a dedicated Range Officer so you may start between 8am and noon though please be geared up and ready to go by noon. When you are ready simply pick which stage you wish to start on (usually the one with least people ahead of you). Wait your turn at that stage and when you're done pick the next stage and so on until you have completed all stages. You can attend this match as a single shooter or has part of a group though large groups should have some flexibility to keep wait times for the shooters of that group to a minimum.

Scoring system

This match is not affiliated with a parent organization but does use the ICORE rule and scoring system. This system allows for wide diversity of stage designs and generally rewards accuracy a bit more than other systems. For more information on the scoring system used please see the "How are ICORE stages and targets scored?" section on the ICORE Match Info page. The results of this match will include a table that groups shooters based on firearm type so that you can get an idea of how well you did in relation to other shooters similarly equipped. Because of the wide variety of equipment used the groupings may not be exclusive, particularly for lightly attended specialty groups, though usually enough information is given so you can get an idea of how well you did. Have a look at the recent Hosefest Match Results to see how they are displayed and which divisions are represented.

Firearms, equipment and ammunition

Nearly any firearm type may be used: Semi auto pistol, revolver, pistol caliber carbine, etc. About the only things not allowed are rifle calibers or magnum ammo as they can damage the steel targets. Handguns will need holsters. Rifles will start at low ready. Stages will require sufficient ammo be carried on the belt. Five magazines are normally enough but six is better or an equivalent round count of moon clips/speed loaders. Normally 250 rounds of ammunition will be enough to complete the match though it may be wise to bring 300.


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