SEPTEMBER 2002 Newsletter

 September Match: The weather was hot enough to make you go postal and that’s what we did. The 2002 ICORE Postal Match. Four stages, all paper with a little movement, a little one handed and some memory tests. The only thing missing was shots unlimited, nary a one in the bunch. But that’s not all. Two optional stages were set up just to make sure you got enough. Ron W. won the match and an optional stage with Juan not far behind and they divided up the stage wins. Dan won stock with Cedric hot on his heels. Rich won the shotgun stage by a whopping three plus seconds. See the results. Welcome to first time attendee Tom Ladvenicza. We gave up trying to pronounce his last name. The stages: Control Counts; similar to Far & Near, the difference being no 50yrd position, no par times and no X count. Fast and Slow; two boxes angling downrange about 6ft apart, two paper about 10ft in front of the first and two paper about 25ft in front of the second, from the first box shoot the near left paper 6 times then the far left paper 6 times, run to box B and shoot the near right paper 6 times then the far right paper 6 times. To and Fro; two boxes on the 180, fifteen feet apart, three paper in the middle at 15, 30 and 45ft, from box A engage the paper with one shot on the first, 2 on the second and 3 on the third, run to box B and reverse the round count, for string two reverse the boxes. Onesy, Twosey; five paper arranged as on a dice, engage the left and right 4 with one round then the center with two, repeat for three strings. The optional stages consisted of Far & Near and a Shotgun stage that involved knocking down three steel and shaking two milk cartons then run to another box while reloading with loose rounds and doing the same. I’m here to tell you, reloading that big club is a lot harder then a revolver.

Club Shirts: The order for our club shirts will be going in soon, so if you're interested you better talk to Rich in the near future. All come with a small logo on front and large on back. You have a choice of; sleeve length, color, collar style and fabric weight.

Upcoming Club Matches: The October 12th Wheelburners club match will be directed by Cedric and Nelson. There’s going to be a stage that uses a two inch, five shot revolver. If you have one bring it along, if not one will be provided. Match directors for the Nov. and Dec. matches are still needed.

SWRRC: The Fifth Annual Southwest Regional Revolver Championship will be held on October 5th at the Ben Avery shooting range in Phoenix Arizona. For more information call Steve Bressan at 623-214-6636.

More Shooting: Check out our links page to see other shooting opportunities in Southern California.