AUGUST 2002 Newsletter

August Match: Prospects for a screaming hot day probably diminished the turnout, but 16 hardy souls made it to the range and shot some creative stages provided by Match Director Rich Richards. Juan, now advanced to "A" class after his convincing "B" class win at the IRC, showed he is still the big dog with an overall win by a generous margin. Pete left no doubt that he's ready for the upcoming Steel Challenge by smoking his way through the steel stage to a 2nd overall finish. Richard took top stock on a day that rewarded reloading and accuracy. It's noteworthy that every competitor at the last three matches has been an ICORE member. Check out the results here.

August Stages: Stage 1 - "1,2,3,3,2,1,3,2,1,1,2,3." Perhaps the strangest stage name we've ever seen, but it described the shooting order in this 6-target, two string, shots limited stage. When all the smoke cleared, there were supposed to be 4 holes in each target. Stage 2 - "Five to Go, Modified." An interpretation of the Steel Challenge stage of the same name, 4 large steel fading away on the left and a small stop plate on the right. Best 4 of 5. Even big plates are easy to miss! Stage 3 - "Paper and Steel." A barricade, 8 paper, 4 poppers and 4 plates in a symmetrical line. Shoot half from the left side of the barricade and the remainder from the right side. One continuous string. Stage 4 - "Bill Drill to Third Power." Classifier CL99-3 was re-shot since it is still part of the ICORE database. 3 targets. Standing in the shooting box, facing uprange. Turn and hose each target with 6 rounds with a mandatory reload between targets. Stage 5 - "Guard House." 9 targets arranged in groups of 3 on the right, middle and left of the wooden guard house. Start while seated in the house and facing uprange. At signal, stand up, turn and engage the targets around and through the house. Total of 109 rounds for the match if you didn't miss.

Wheel Burner Shirts Now Available: Rich has found a source to make us some shirts using our club logo as seen above. Choices are short and long sleeve in various colors. Logo will be silkscreened with small on left upper chest and large on back. Wear your club colors proudly. Contact Rich to place an order.

Upcoming Club Matches: We are going to shoot the four ICORE 2002 Postal Match stages, plus a classifier, at the September 14 match. These fun Postal Match stages will be shot by revolver enthusiasts around the world. Come on out and shoot to see how you stack up. The next best thing to an IRC! 96 rounds for the shots-limited Postal stages, plus a classifier of 18 or 24 rounds.

The remaining 2002 Wheelburner matches are up for grabs at this time. As a reminder, we will be holding informal (and optional) practice on Far & Near after every remaining match this year. Starting in January 2003, Far & Near will be a staple at each match.

More Shooting: Check out our Links page to see the other matches available in Southern California.