JULY 2002 Newsletter

July Match: If you shot up most of your ammo at the IRC you were in trouble. If you were burned out on shooting and didn’t make it out, you missed a heck of a match. Match directors Ron J. and Pete set up something of a tribute using five stages from IRC number one held in 1992. Requiring 193 rounds, the stages were heavy on steel, no movement, little single handed shooting and just plain fun to shoot. Although we missed a few regulars sixteen shooters attended. Juan won the match with three stage wins and put a fair distance between second place finisher Ron W. who won Far and Near. The final stage win went to Renny who after being out of the sport for a while has come charging back. Stock winner Dan came in at fourth overall. See the results. The stages: Speed Loader; 3 paper and 3 plates up front, one paper and 2 plates a little further back and a stop plate in the middle, three strings. Far and Near; our old friend. Coin Flip; on the left two plates at 8 and 10 yrds then a big rectangle at 15yrds, same on the right. flipping the coin determines which rectangle is the stop, flip it for five strings. Twilight Zone; 5 plates up close and left, 5 more on the right a little further out, a stop in the middle, then four big rectangles way out there, three strings. Dog Leg; 7 paper in a hooking array and a stop plate to the right of them, three strings.

IRC Mentions: Thanks to those club members who helped in running the event. Nelson Dymond Range Master, Rich Richards and Ron Williamson doing tag-team scoring with help from Yuki, Heeday and Cedric (who also helped set up the stages!). Twenty-five club members attended. Juan Hernandez placed 6th overall and first Senior and top B Class. Mike Denney 8th overall. Ron Williamson 12th overall. Cedric Yoshimura first Snubby. Richard Nasef 3rd Snubby. Bob Miles 3rd Senior +. The following were lucky enough to bring home a revolver from the prize drawing: Cedric, Juan, Rich R., Wally, Yuki. Tim captured a Dillon 550 from the prize table. Not too shabby I’d say. See the IRC Results on our page or for more breakouts go to the ICORE page .

Upcoming Club Matches: The August 10th match will be directed by Rich R. We’re still looking for match directors to fill out the remainder of the year so you may want to put some stages together in your mind in case the finger comes your way.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hvrc/ for directions and information. The members of HVRC also invite you to a snubby revolver match at the Magnolia Indoor Range in Santee see this page for more information http://magrange.com/Snubby_Match.htm .