JUNE 2002 Newsletter

June Match: No one had committed to match directing the June match so Rich R., Ron J. and a few early birds such as Pete whipped up something of a tune-up and preview of the IRC. Four of the nine stages that you’ll see there. The selection worked out nicely and produced some unusual results. Each of the four stage wins went to a different shooter and the top three shooters were separated by less then three seconds. The stages were challenging yet fun to shoot. Of the stages to be at the IRC only those requiring the easiest setup were used but if these are an indication the IRC should be a ball. Ron W. won the match taking Far and Near by seven seconds. Proving the old saying that if you do well on that stage your odds of placing high are much improved. Juan placed second and won Shifting Gears. Jason Pettitt last years stock division IRC winner came out. He lamented his rusty revolver skills as well as that on his moon clips but easily won stock taking third overall and a stage win on 625 Drill. Mike won Double Tap and placed at fourth overall. The stages: Double Tap; a large rectangle plate left and right at 30ft, a round stop plate center at 50ft, two shots each rectangle then one on the stop, keep 5 of the 6 strings. Far and Near; The one that has everything but running. Shifting Gears; three large rectangle plates angling downrange on the left, three paper center a little further away, engage the first steel 6 rounds reload then the first paper 6 rounds then reload and continue in that order, one string.

New Web Site: We moved into our new digs here and are really settling in. All the same information is there (or here depending on were your reading this) but there are some changes in the way it’s organized so be sure you go to the index page to familiarize yourself. Rich has a few things for sale so have a look at that page. No specific plans but I’m sure over time we‘ll add some new stuff. If you have any ideas, pass them along. The old pages are still up but the only thing there is a link to the new site. That’s in case someone links in from outside using a link that has not been updated. If you find one of those let us know so we can inform that administrator of our new address. The old site will also help if you get lost or just want to drive by the old place and reminisce but eventually it will come down so make sure you delete that link and add the new one to your saved links.

IRC: The 2002 International Revolver Championships stage designs are posted on our web site. If you can’t wait for your shooter pack have a look. Find them on the index page or go here  for the direct link. For you last minuters there’s also signup info and contacts.

Upcoming Club Matches: Ron J. and Pete L. will be hosting the July 13th match. No match director for August so the hunt is on.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hvrc/ for directions and information. The members of HVRC also invite you to a snubby revolver match at the Magnolia Indoor Range in Santee see this page for more information http://members.cox.net/snubbymatch/