APRIL 2002 Newsletter

April Match: Variety was the theme for this match. A hot still day after months of cold and windy. Four stages that had something to love and hate for each of the 23 shooters. Accuracy, reloading, moving, how well can you hit something and how close can you miss something, you had to do it all. And if that’s not enough, an optional shotgun stage, bring your own or borrow one generously provided by others. The rack included pump, semi, tactical, converted bird guns, ghost rings, fiber sights and beads. Two sets of scores for this match with the second including the shotgun stage that 12 shooters opted for. Welcome back to Bob S. (who by the way showed little rust), Joe and Rhonda who we have not seen at Wheelburners for quite some time. Juan won the match by a huge margin taking two stage wins made more impressive by missing the last few matches. Mike took second and a stage win. Ron W. placed third with a stage win. Cedric who’s been a little quiet lately won the stock division. The Shotgun stage win went to Dan but only by a hair over Cedric. A few shooters moved up a slot but the shotgun stage didn’t change the overall scores much. The times were just to small compared to the match totals, but it sure was a blast (literally). The stages: Blackout; six paper with various portions concealed by hard cover, string one 2 rnds freestyle, string 2 right paper strong hand reload then left paper weak hand. Twilight Zone Modified; 5 small plates at 10 yrds, 5 bigger plates at 12 yrds, a stop plate at 20 yrds and six big rectangles at 45 yrds, ring them for three strings. Memorandum; 11 paper and 5 poppers behind three visual barriers, a hard barrier, a ported barrier and a shoot through grate, move and shoot. Bleacher; a big wall of paper with targets, hard cover and no shoots, three boxes at 20 yrds perpendicular to the array, start in the closest and engage three paper, back into the next box and repeat and again for the last box, one string. Shotgun; choose your implement from the rack and knock down two plates at 10 yrds and three poppers at 15 yrds, three strings.

Web Site: Ron W. has captured the domain name cawheelburners and found a suitable service provider. The benefits include much more available memory, more than one editor, and a name that’s a little more intuitive and a little less Cyrillic. We’re going to be moving the current web pages over to that name and increasing our content by adding a few new pages. It‘s going to take a few months to get everything in its place and looking right. When done we’ll inform all of the move and send out the link.

Please note this will be the last month that we’ll be e-mailing the news and scores to all. We were getting some complaints that it’s unnecessary when we have a web page and it slows mail download time. If your 56K this news will convince you. We didn’t take a vote because it’s your choice. If you would like to continue to receive the news in your e-mail send me ( mailto:dshall@earthlink.net ) a note saying so. For the others we’ll send a short e-mail informing that the news and scores are posted with an included link. That e-mail will generally go out on Friday after the match. If you can’t wait for the scores, remember their usually posted by Wednesday after the match so you can go to the web page on your own. These changes will not affect those receiving the snail mail news.

Upcoming Club Matches: Ron W and Rich will put on an all-classifier match on May 11. Four classifier stages with Far & Near Standards being the 5th stage. The 2002 IRC is coming up fast so if your needing to pick up this years classifiers be sure to attend. June’s (8th) Match Director is not committed at this time, but it’s safe to say that Far & Near will appear again. Ron J. and Pete L. will be hosting the July 13th match.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hvrc/ for directions and information. The members of HVRC also invite you to a snubby revolver match at the Magnolia Indoor Range in Santee see this page for more information http://members.cox.net/snubbymatch/ .

Generic Score Sheet : We used a generic score sheet for the April match (see below) and will presumably do so for club stages in the future. A generic score sheet eliminates the Match Directors task of generating a stage specific score sheet thereby saving time, money and effort. Of course there is a draw back. A generic score sheet can lead to increased errors. This can however be minimized by understanding how to fill one out and is the subject at hand. When you get your score sheets at morning signups fill in at the bottom your name (first and last), Icore #, circle either open or stock and fill in a stage name at top on all sheets. After the stage is shot sign your name or initials at top for shooter. If you are keeping score be aware that most mistakes are made on round counts or target counts. Make sure you know how many papers there are and how many hits should be on each. Steel targets are either “A” (hit) or “M” (miss), record totals and you can use the space between to keep track of misses. Don’t confuse “x” and “A” hits. Use hash marks to keep track of the penalty types and then total. If the stage has a throw away string it is important to associate any misses or penalties with the string. In that case use the columns next to the string time and record misses using hash marks and penalties using totals ( use “Penalty” box for scratch work in figuring penalty totals). I’m happy to say that at its first outing the score sheets only had one error, in spite of the missing T10. An extra target was recorded but since the shooter had all A’s it wasn’t a problem. If after we use this one a bit and you have any ideas on improving it let Dan know.