December 2006 Newsletter

Revolver Match Report

We wrapped up the 2006 revolver shooting season with a fun "Retro" event courtesy of Big John. Iron sights, speedloaders and lots of rounds expended on the dueling tree sent everyone home with tired trigger fingers. It was entertaining to take a trip back in time, reminding ourselves of how the "modern" 8-shooters, full moon clips and dot sights have made us lazy. Thanks, John.

The stages: Spray & Pray; Two arrays of 2 targets and two strings. First string draw and shoot 5 on each, left hand array. Second string do the right. Even though the targets were painfully close, this 20 round shots limited stage was not that easy. Open shooter Ron J couldn't find his old equipment and showed why Open is better. Brain Fade; A straightforward steel stage, but made difficult by a strange selection of plates. Perennial rivals Dan and Cedric were bunched tightly behind Ron J on this one. Field Standards CS-026; One of the new 2006 classifiers. 9 targets in a row with 3 shooting boxes on a diagonal. Start back 3 yards, then move into the first box to shoot a 3 targets at 20 yards. Move to the middle box and strong-hand the next 3 targets. Finish up in the last box with weak hand on the final 3 targets. Only 18 rounds of shots limited, but scores were indicative of the difficulty of this very tough classifier. Stars Above; Two paper targets and the Texas Star combined for a 9-shot stage if you didn't miss. This shots unlimited stage took a bit more rounds for most. Dan was undaunted and smoked it with his limited iron for the stage win. Duel; If you needed to make some empty cases, this was the perfect stage. John's dueling tree that he got as an IRC prize a couple of years ago provided the fun. 6 plates, start with 3 on each side. Man on man; try to get your side clean. Two losses knocked you out. At the end, the squad leaders shot off for the overall. At the squad level, first/second/third got a bonus of -15, -10 and -5, respectively. Same at the finals. Dan finished 2nd in the squad, then beat everyone in the final shootoff for the -25 seconds total. At the end, both Dan and Cedric were resorting to borrowed ammo as this was a maximum round count event! John shot very well using his Thunder Ranch Model 21 chambered in .44 Special. And using those twist-to-release HKS speedloaders.

Rimfire Match Report

The usual contest between Art and Derek with the rest of the shooters just out for a fun day. Dan and Cedric sneaked into the top 2 with their iron sight rifles on a couple of stages to earn bragging rights.

January Rimfire Match

Impromptu stage design as usual - come early and help set 'em how you like to shoot. Shoot with .22 revolver or pistol, then repeat with an extra plate using rifle. Juniors pay only $5 so bring the youngsters. Newbies are $10 as usual; Regulars $15.

January ICORE Match

At present, this is totally TBD. Well, except for the addition of our traditional Far & Near stage as we start prep for the IRC in June.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area
Hidden Valley Revolver Club  Now shooting at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2007. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez Steve Baxter is planning to have regular matches picking up again in January.