December 2005 Newsletter

Match Report

We wrapped up the year on a beautiful day with 5 unique stages and a decent turnout. Thanks to all the early arrivers for pitching in and helping with the stage setups.

The stages: Ultimate Option: A test of one's confidence as well as ability. Designed by Paul Kennedy in Australia, consisting of 3 targets at 5, 8 and 12 meters distance. Target 1, X-ring visible, remainder of target as no-shoot. Target 2, X and A visible, rest no-shoot. Target 3, same format with X, A, B visible. Before starting pick either freestyle, strong or weak for ALL targets. X-count with minus 1 for free, minus 2 for strong and minus 4 for weak! Only Nelson went with weak, but was done in by a balky cylinder. Several tried strong hand with mixed results. Art shot it straight up and smoked a net 3 seconds with Rich M and bullseye shooter John close behind. Slot Car: A good concept, but this one could have used a few vision barriers to force some movement. 3 target arrays of 2 paper and 1 plate, a start and stop plate. Start in the box to shoot the green start, then exit along one of the "slots" to shoot the remaining targets, ending on the red stop. As the name implies, shooters had to straddle the tape line on the ground during movement and shoot with feet straddling. Who else but Dan would have come up with this? Derek was the hot rod and ran away with this stage. Fast Near & Far: A variation on an old friend, courtesy of Nelson. The usual 6 targets, but shot as 6 rounds per each, in reverse order of placement with 2 at 3 yards, 2 at 10 yards, 1 at 25 and the nasty one at 50. Going prone was optional. One continuous string. Derek again used his blazing speed to take this one. Speed Bumps: A USPSA stage from the stage sharing website, adapted with barrels instead of no-shoots. Eleven targets, a small popper and the Texas Star with a couple of no-shoots obscuring one side. The "bumps" were clay pigeons along the shooting path; 5 seconds for each one stomped on. Several were broken by ejected moon clips and careless tapers, but no shooters were penalized. Derek again whizzed through this basic hoser stage. X-Ring Misery: Another stage from our Down Under group. The Aussies are putting on a few postal events throughout the year and this is from the first. Wheel Burners will shoot the entire match probably in January, weather allowing. A quick stage with 6 targets, only X and A rings available with remainder as hard cover. Two shots limited per target. Start in one box, shoot 3, move and shoot the remaining 3. X-count with minus 1 per. Several shooters were under 3 seconds, but this was clearly Derek's match, as he finished strong with this win.

January Rimfire Match

Rimfire steel will be offered again on January 7. Our standard format with 3 stages of pistol/revolver, then repeat with an extra plate using rifle. Juniors pay only $5 so bring the youngsters. Newbies are $10 as usual. Regulars $15. A really good time and lots of fun.

January Match

Kevin and Ron are hosting the first match of 2006. Probably it will be the Australian Postal, but you never know as the weather can be problematic. At this match we'll have the drawing for the 2005 Stage Contributor awards. Each stage submitted, set up and torn down earns a token in the pot. This year, $100 to the first drawn, $50 to the second, no duplicate winners.

2006 Matches

Rich and Dan are handling February. Pete and Derek took March. April is our traditional all-Classifier event. For the first 6 matches leading up to the IRC we will have Far & Near and a classifier.

2006 Officers

Every year at this time we make an impassioned plea for members to step forward and throw the existing board out of office. If any among you want the opportunity to influence the direction of the club and its activities, please come to the January match and toss your hat in the ring. Nominations are open until the February match, at which time we will have a show of hands and elect our 2006 Board.

2006 Membership

Membership fees for 2006 will increase to provide a cleanup fund. In the past, we used member volunteers, but with mixed results. Typically, it's the usual stalwarts doing all the work, but due to the rains last year, we didn't have a "range day" and the berms are looking ratty. This year the additional money will cover some hired labor that will be supervised and augmented by volunteers. Cedric has built a spray rig for the mower and we will continue to do weed abatement as well, using Roundup which is a bit expensive. Member match fees will remain at $20, and non-member at $30. Out of our fees we handle range rent, the aforementioned cleanup, target, tape and paint supplies, food for special events and some prize money for the stage contribution contest. The club pretty much just breaks even each year.

Faces We Haven't Seen Recently. . .

Gregg S, Carolyn, Michael T, Mike P, Craig and Jeri, Rhonda and Joe, Mike S, Ray, Yuki and Heeday.

More Revolver Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club Now shooting at the Police Pistol Range in San Diego on the 3rd Saturday.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2006. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez has 4th Saturday monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. This year the morning ICORE match will be followed by an afternoon rimfire steel event. Double fun!