December 2004 Newsletter

Match: We closed out ’04 with a bang. About 4500 bangs conservatively estimated. Hard to believe? Lets see… 28 shooters times 155 rounds minimum plus a little extra for those pesky tombstones… uh huh, that’s a very conservative number. This match was combined with the Northrop IPSC club as their match was cancelled due to proximity to the holiday. Joe and Rhonda set up some fine stages with novel features. Mostly ICORE stuff but a little bit of IPSC and a big relaxation of the six round friendly. For a combined match it was just about right, with the revolvers whining about reloads and the auto’s whining about accuracy. Art won the revolver match with two stage wins. Mike T showing big improvement took second overall and first limited. Pete at third with two stage wins and Derek with one. Rhonda, defying convention, shot her match well. Among the pistol shooters, Pete placed first with four stage wins, Bob S at second with one stage and Ron J at third. Welcome to new shooters Nick Gurule, John Coffey and Ray Kapper. The stages: Dog Leg; 7 papers set in an obtuse angle ending in a stop plate on the right. Each of the papers were partially obscured by hard cover. Two rounds on the paper. Three strings. Paper and Steel; A barricade and to the left, 4 papers set in the four compass points and two poppers. A mirror image on the right. Engage the right targets from the right side of the barricade and left from left. Mandatory reload when changing sides. Fast Steel Man; A one half size IPSC steel and boxes at 35yrs, 20 yrds and 15 yrds. From each box engage the steel 6 rounds, reload and repeat. Shots limited and each box is a string. Pesky Tombstones; A rack on the right with 6 tiny tombstones, a rack on the left with 6 tiny poppers and the star in the middle. From the box string 1, left rack and star. String two, right rack and star. String three your choice. Two Sides; Six papers on the right, six falling plates on the left and the three plate tunnel in the middle. Two rounds on the paper and knock the steel down. Reload when you go for the tunnel.

Results: As mentioned the December match had both revolver and pistol attendees. The original plan was to score the pistols under IPSC rules even though targets were predominately ICORE. That plan fell apart rather quickly for a variety of reasons. So the scores you see for pistols were done using ICORE rules. There is an interesting feature of this side by side comparison. Pete, the only shooter in both revolver and pistol divisions, and accomplished with both, bested his revolver score by only 4 seconds. Probably not very meaningful due to the different shooting requirements but interesting none the less.

Next Match: The Wheelburners club matches for ’05 will continue to be held the second Saturday of the month. Any variations and additional match information can be viewed at the “match schedule” page of our website. We kick off the new year with a January 8 match. The January match will also have club membership signups and officers elections.

Club Officers Needed: Elections for club offices will be held at the January match shooters meeting. Current office holders have, with a few shuffles, been in office for a number of years and all would appreciate the opportunity to step aside for some new blood. Of course there is also the option of just stepping forward to take on a specific task to ease the workload. Some things you can consider doing to help: Morning signups, news letter, stage set up prize drawing, select a bay and help keep the equipment organized, setup the squad utility boxes, ensure a sufficient supply of score sheets, keep a running inventory of paper targets and other consumables so we know when it’s time to get more. Each task would take less then one hour of your time each match and will make a huge difference in the officers workload.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to for directions and information. Team Lopez has monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. For more information and a contact, go to