DECEMBER 2002 Newsletter

December Match: Due to it’s proximity to the holiday we decided to combine the Northrop club match with the Wheelburners. The result was two stages of ICORE targets, two stages of IPSC targets and an IPSC classifier stage. Twenty shooters turned out and the hardware was just as diverse as the stages. To add to your bewilderment the match will be scored using ICORE rules for the Wheelburners Club and again using USPSA rules for the Northrop Club. It should make for some interesting comparisons. Ron W. won match overall without a stage. and revolver Pete came in second with a win on stage 4. Third overall and best auto went to Ron J. who did well on Far & Near which seemed to generally handicap the autos. The remaining stage wins were scattered all over. Auto Pete took stage 1 and 3 and appeared headed for match overall before declining to participate in F&N and so taking a max time. Mike won stage 2 and Art stage 5. Welcome to first time attendees Billy Gurule, Charles Bradshaw and Lee Jarvis. The stages: Stage 1; Start with gun unloaded on the table then engage the 14 IPSC targets 2 rounds each and two poppers from behind the fence. Far & Near; That really hard one. Stage 3; Start with hands on the barricade then engage the 15 IPSC papers 2 rounds each through the ports of the massive visual barrier. Running 1; Three boxes zigzagging down range, two ICORE papers in front off each and three more at the end of the bay, from each box engage the two paper in front and one way in the back associated with that box 2 rounds each. Times 2; 2 boxes on the 180, two rows three IPSC papers, one left and one right angling together downrange, start in the box of your choice and engage its three papers then move to the other box and engage its three papers 2 rounds each.

Range Cleanup: A range clean up is contemplated for sometime in March or April. The weather is generally more agreeable then and that will be before the heightened shooting activities of summer. We are as well considering replacing the dilapidated roofing on the awning and re-locating one of the sheds. Wally has some ideas on these issues. Hopefully we’ll also address Dan’s pet peeve, that horrible rats nest of target sticks. A good turn out of club participants will be necessary to pull it off. Expect these topics to be a part off the next few shooters meetings.

Web Site: A new web page called Match Tools has debuted on our site. The purpose of the page is to provide a suite of utilities for match directing. There you will find generic score sheets, a scoring program, two Word documents to help you make spiffy looking stage designs and soon a library of existing designs and links to other sites with same. It should make experienced directors jobs a bit easier and remove a major stumbling block for novices.

Club Shirts: The club has a few extra shirts from our order. Color and size vary but most appeared to be long sleeve with polo collar. See Rich if you’re interested.

2003 Club Matches: At January’s match we’ll collect club membership dues. We will also try to fill out next years club match directorships. Club matches will continue the second Saturday of the month.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to for directions and information. The members of HVRC also invite you to a snubby revolver match at the Magnolia Indoor Range in Santee see this page for more information .