November 2007 Newsletter

Members Update

Craig Gilbert is nearly skipping up and down the halls in UCLA medical center as he is ready to be released in time for Thanksgiving. Jeri says he is doing well and antsy to leave after 4 months in captivity. Bob Miles made the long trip to Nevada to cheer on the Wheel Burners. He's walking pretty smoothly but the broken wrist is not quite there yet. We hope to see both Bob and Craig back as Wheel Burners and shooting in the 2008 IRC.

Nevada State Championship

Toni Clancy and the Southern Nevada Pistol and Revolver Association put on the first Nevada State Championship on Oct 27th. Wheel Burners were out in force at this fun match outside Boulder City. "Local" shooter Mike Ruesch from Reno took top overall with Derek close behind. Wheel Burners took 4 of the top 5 places and trophies in all classes. Toni is planning to repeat this event in 2008 while looking ahead to the 2009 Southwest Regional. Results are on the ICORE web site.

Revolver Match Report

Ron J's cooking was the highlight of the day with a feast of pulled pork BBQ, campfire beans, hot links and burgers. Enough food for 25 persons but only 17 to eat it all. Everyone rolled away well stuffed, but not before Dan captured the happy crowd in a group photo (Kevin and Ricardo had to leave before the mug shot).

The stages: 6 Ball; Kingston Smith provided both the prop and funding for this stage. 6 B-zone target centers arranged in a pentagon with one middle target sporting a pool ball pasted in the X zone. Three strings of placing 1 round on the outside targets first, ending on the middle target. Shots limited with X-count on the middle target only. Top 3 scores in both Limited and Open got rewarded. Bullseye; Inspired by a stage at the Nevada State shoot, this simple accuracy exercise consisted of 2 NRA 25 yard pistol targets. Freestyle at 20 yards, strong hand only at 12 yards. Only 6 shots per target in two separate strings. The 20 second par time was just to keep the shooters honest but only the hits were counted for the final score. Shooting slow was not best as a couple of marksmen lost count and had to open the cylinder in mid string to check. Rhonda found a good balance of pacing and accuracy as she cruised to a net zero score. Mayhem; Our annual carnival stage with bear traps, swingers and the Texas Star. Activation of the bear traps via popper, bowling ball ramp and trapdoor kept everyone hopping on this 21 round stage. Swingers and the unbalanced Texas Star were also triggered by the trapdoor, resulting in total motion effect. Ron W planned this and set it up with help from Kevin and Pete. All the pre-planning must have helped as he took the stage win. Field of Steel; Our annual tribute to our late member Wally Shelton who coined the name at one of the Northrop 3 Gun matches years ago. 45 rounds if you did not miss. A prize was awarded to the Open and Limited shooter who used the fewest rounds while cleaning the stage. Bullseye champ Rhonda needed only 46 rounds for the Open best while Sharon had the steady hand in Limited with 55 rounds. Raw time Open winner was Mike T and Limited was Derek. Turkey Shoot; Ron J wanted to share the punishing experience of his S&W 460 so a single shot stage was setup using a turkey target at 5 yards. Self-start using your strong hand on the timer. Grab up the hand cannon off the table and let fly at the turkey target. Dead center subtracted 2 seconds, hitting the rest of the target was plus zero. Missing the turkey entirely, plus 3 seconds. Ron provided a choice of "full house" 460 rounds, a milder 454 Casull round and a pretty tame 45 Long Colt cowboy load. Mrs. Levakis apparently did not raise any stupid children as Pete used the cowboy round to win the $5 prize with a net negative time. Dan wasn't satisfied with only 1 shot, choosing to use more of Ron's expensive ammo to punch a large hole in a wheel rim and a 4x4 post. Results from this one stage were not included in the overall match report.

November Rimfire Match Report

The Open division was anticlimatic since the only way Art couldn't win was if he stayed in bed. Derek had missed the October match because he was visiting the Gurule clan over in New Mexico and gave Art an insurmountable lead. But, John Bagakis and Tom Hubbard came down to play the spoiler role and make it interesting in Limited. Tom sneaked ahead of Cedric, thereby denying the 10 points needed to beat Dan who finished a distant 3rd. Final results are here. Cash payouts of $25/15/5 were handed out at the Turkey Shoot for both Open and Limited. We'll have a fun match in December on the 1st. The January match may be cancelled due to the Arizona match that's on the next day - it's presently undecided.

December ICORE Match

Presently we have nothing planned, except for a possible "do over" on the Postal Match. Many of our members were unable to make the first time due to the I-5 tunnel mess. Suggestions are always welcomed.

Lost and Found

Dan reports that a pair of electronic ears were left at the range. Cedric locked them up in the shed on the main range.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club - at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club. Revolver shooting has resumed after range modifications! Check the web site above for match dates and details.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners - Monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2008. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez - ICORE matches on the fourth Saturday.