November 2006 Newsletter

Revolver Match Report

Our traditional Turkey Match took on a slightly serious tone as we combined it with the ICORE Postal Match. Chef Ron outdid himself with burgers and links with assistance from Rich and Cedric. Lots of fun with our usual crowd and some folks we don't see all the time. Thanks very much to Ron for working behind the grill and sending us all home with happy faces.

The stages: Blackout; Every target and port had black paint. A single start box at 3 meters from the "ports" allowed the shooter to move to one of the outside ports, hosing the straight ahead "A" zone only target with 6 shots limited rounds. Stop in the middle and put 2 on each of the far "B" zone only targets, then move to remaining outside position and another "A" zone target. Step back to the middle and repeat the 2 on each and you are finally finished. Art managed the footwork and the hard cover best to take his first stage win. Cover Up; More black paint, but this time only the "X" ring was exposed on the two distant 10 meter targets. Two closer targets on each side had "only" half the target blacked out. Two boxes with 3 targets per box. Start on either side and punch 3 holes in each, then move and repeat on the other array. At least there was some sympathy for the shooter as this was a Shots Unlimited stage. Many variations were tried on shooting the distant X targets first or last and deciding when to take the required reload. Only 18 rounds total if you were careful, plenty more if you weren't. Sub Zero; The name comes from the highly unlikely possibility of shooting a negative score on this sneaky adaptation of Far & Near. Start in the 10 meter box and put two rounds on each of the 6 stacked targets. Move to the 5 meter box and do the traditional strong hand on top and weak hand on the bottom. One continuous string that Art shot smoothly for the win. Up & Down; Some fancy footwork was required as you had to step between the two back boxes, then skip forward to the final box. Six targets, fully exposed, but set at varying heights to give the stage its name. One round from each back box and 2 each from the front for a total of 24 shots limited. Art had the hot hand to take his third stage win of the day. "Turkey Stage"; Ron and Kevin just dragged everything out of the sheds and onto the range for this traditional fun stage. The bowling ramp, 2 clamshells, 3 swingers, the Texas Star, some optional clay targets hiding behind steel hard cover, various steel plates and poppers were spread all over the bay. Start holding the ball, then release it or shove smartly. The ball released the fall away no-shoot on the first clamshell which released the bob weight to fall on the trapdoor release and activate the second beartrap. After that few seconds of terror, the remainder was just hosing and reloading. Well, except for the Star which was obscured by some steel no-shoots just to make it entertaining. And that pesky dual swinger of course. When the revolver got too hot to hold, grab up the Mossberg and hit the 3 small poppers, then move on to the final mini poppers, 4 inch plate and an optional golf ball with the 10/22 rifle. The clay targets each deducted a second and the final golf ball took off 3 seconds. Pete took the stage away from Joey who used his own rifle only to have the misfortune of a failure to feed. A quick recovery to use the loaner allowed him to keep 2nd place. Sharon claimed the stage record of 78 rounds expended!

Rimfire Match Report

We shot the first (and last?) installment of "Cedric's Postal Match." This Rimfire event conceived by Nelson at Cedric's request. It's uncertain whether Nelson will continue this event next year, but we can hope. Art gobbled up this outing also with the overall win.

"Combo" Match Report (October)

A 4th Saturday experiment was conducted in October to see if there was interest in an extra shooting day. The initial event was a combination rimfire and shotgun steel match, handily won by Derek. It was agreed that the 4th Saturday will be optional and that the type of match can vary depending on the interest of the shooters. No further 4th Saturday matches are planned for 2006 due to the holidays.

December Rimfire Match

Back to the "usual" stages in December. Shoot with .22 revolver or pistol, then repeat with an extra plate using rifle. Juniors pay only $5 so bring the youngsters. Newbies are $10 as usual; Regulars $15.

December ICORE Match

Big John is the Match Director for our last 2006 revolver match. It's a "retro" event with iron sights and speedloaders if you have them. Moon clips and optical sights will incur a handicap so everyone will be competitive. John is also bringing the dueling tree he picked up at the IRC a couple years ago. It will definitely be a fun day. Find your Comp III loaders and come on out.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area
Hidden Valley Revolver Club  Now shooting at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2007. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez has suspended matches for the remainder of calendar 2006 - to resume in January 2007.