November 2004 Newsletter

Match: With the weather threatening, indeed, a steady rain falling in many areas, some shooters apparently decided to stay in bed. Well… all you weather wimps missed a fine match. Yes, we had a light drizzle during setup but that stopped when the shooting started and the sun was out a half hour into the match. Five terrific stages and a feast of Mexican food prepared by Ron J. followed. It seems everyone had a stage that they did exceptional well with and another they did exceptionally poorly on. Art won the match with a fine run on stage two, beating the competition by 5 seconds. Pete with a nice stage two, placed second. Ron W. came in at third with stage 1 dragging down two stage wins. Cedric won the limited class and Derek who shared a stage one win with Pete was right on his tail. About the only one who didn’t follow the ying and yang pattern was Rich who was plagued by light strikes. The stages: Top Fuel; On the right, four 12” plates setup vertically, two whites on top, a red then a green on bottom. On the left a big rectangle near and another far. At the signal work down the Christmas tree then the rectangles. If you hit the red, time stops and you get misses, yep… it happened. Best four of five strings. Go For X; Shooters box A and a paper 10 yards distant with a box B right and a bit forward, another paper at 25 yards. Start in box A with 15 seconds of par time. Minimum two rounds on each paper and all shots must be made from a box. Hits in the X count minus 1 second. A lot more thinking involved than this little blurb indicates. Field; Visual barriers and barrels everywhere with four arrays of three papers each sprinkled about. Start back behind the spool and … go. Steel Field; Not a field course, just a bunch of steel. 24 targets including racks, poppers, a tunnel and the star. Knock ’em all down or has many as you can with a max 24 rounds. A real exercise in restraint. Judge This; A big rectangle left and right, a 12” plate inboard of each and a dinky 6” plate center and set farther away. Best four of five strings.

Club Match: The next club match will be December 11. The match will be combined with the Northrop club. That means you can bring either a semi or revolver or for an extra fee both. The targets will be ICORE but the scoring will be done separately.

2004 Drawing: As most members are aware, we have an annual drawing among those who design and setup stages with each stage being an entry. We held the '04 drawing at the November match and the winner was Heeday, who takes home a factory refurbished Dillon Square Deal. Press was donated by Ron Joslin and the club paid to have it overhauled. Heeday has turned himself into quite a stage designer, congratulations.

Club Officials Needed: It’s the season for club elections. All positions are open and your involvement will help insure a healthy club. For example just imagine how much better this newsletter could be if you wrote it. Who knows, it may even lead to a highly paid career in a shooting sport publication. The possibilities are boundless. Feel free at the next club match to nominate yourself or another for a position.

Rainy Days: With the rainy season upon us it seems like a good time to review our weather related match cancellation policy. Remember, the weather you see outside your window may not at all resemble the weather at the range. We have a club member who lives not a great distance from the range and so we have a pretty good idea from him what conditions are like. If in the meat of a good soaker or soon enough thereafter to leave the range too muddy to shoot, the match is cancelled and our web site carry’s a notice on the home page in bold letters. Some cases are more difficult. If a storm hits the range very near match start time, nothing in the way of advance decision can be made. Thankfully, such cases are somewhat rare. If the weather is bad, always check the web site immediately before heading to the range. We can’t give guarantees. However if the match is not officially cancelled, odds are very good there will be shooting.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to for directions and information. Team Lopez has monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. For more information and a contact, go to .
Team Lopez is hosting the 2004 California Stock Gun Championships on November 27-28. Major sponsorship by Infinity. More information at the link above. The match will now have an open division.