October 2007 Newsletter

Members Update

Craig Gilbert is recovering in UCLA medical center as he adjusts to his new heart. Jeri says he should escape within the next few weeks and we should see him after he regains his strength. Bob Miles made it out to the rimfire match as a spectator but definitely plans to start shooting as he gets his mobility back. It's good to see our members coming out on top as they battle through medical challenges.

Revolver Match Report

A huge accident on the I-5 freeway prevented several shooters from getting to the match, so it was a reduced participation at the ICORE Postal Match event. Due to late arrivals we only set up the 4 stages and headed home early because of the major traffic problems.

This year's International Postal Match was a sampling of the types of stages seen in the 3 previous Australia Postal events. All stages were shots limited. The stages: IPM-1; Match Director Paul Kennedy likes hard cover and this stage showed it. 8 targets with half hard cover engaged with 3 rounds each from 4 boxes. Combinations of long and short distances encouraged carelessness with bad results. Derek won his protest over a near miss on the hard cover to take the stage. IPM-2; Three of the 5 targets were X-count to add some interest. The other two targets were close at hand as the shooter moved through 2 far boxes and 2 near boxes. A forced shooting sequence made this a zig zag stage and got the heart to pumping for those distant X-count targets. Tim was quick and accurate for the stage win over Art. Derek was using his steel gun and the beach ball dot didn't help much as he slid down the ranks on this one. IPM-3; Looking a lot like Far & Near, but shot as a continuous string. Starting unloaded, put one freestyle round on each of 6 targets from the distant box. Reload and repeat, then scoot forward to the middle box for strong hand only and finish up in the 5 meter box with weak hand. Derek was quick on the reloads and shot this one very relaxed for the stage win. IPM-4; Three of those infamous ports made from an A-zone cutout forced some entertaining shooting styles on the 5 targets. Shoot them all from long range through the middle port, then run forward to the right port and attack the rightmost 3 targets. Move to the left port and shoot the leftmost 3 targets. The middle one was the longest distance and got 6 hits total while the rest only had 4. Some awkward right to left movement (for right handed shooters) made for some additional hilarity as shooters crab-walked to the last port while reloading. Derek closed out the match with the stage win.

October Rimfire Match Report

Derek couldn't make it, so Art coasted into the points lead even though he only finished in third place behind Tim and Mike. Dan overcame handgun troubles with some good rifle scores to squeeze in front of Cedric as we head into the final scoring event of the 2007 Rimfire Championship. If you haven't shot with us yet, it's a fun and inexpensive match, great for youngsters and beginners. Three stages of five plate steel, shot with both pistol and rifle. All rimfire actions welcomed. Next match is our November outing on the 3rd.

November ICORE Match - Turkey Shoot

November is our traditional fun match with Chef Ron's pre-holiday cookout. Look for a "Field of Steel" and some other sporting stages to make this a memorable day.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club - at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club. Revolver shooting has resumed after range modifications! Check the web site above for match dates and details.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners - Monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2008. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez - ICORE matches on the fourth Saturday.