October 2006 Newsletter

Revolver Match Report

Predictions of rain diminished our attendance, but the range was dry and we saw sun peeking through well before we were finished. Ron J, Pete and Mike put up some of the most imaginative stages we've seen in quite a while. First timer Dave joined us and we saw the return of Craig and Harry as well.

The stages: DIY Steel; A clever steel stage that left the target selection to the shooter. This "Do It Yourself" stage had 8 plates arranged in a group of 2, 4, 2 that presented both a choice and a dilemma. Which 5 were best? The compact middle group was tempting, but it included 3 distant plates. Go for the near plates with the wide swing, or take a chance on the far ones? Joey figured it out to take the stage win. Blind Bill; By far the most fun and frustrating stage of the match, perhaps of the year. A sort of El Prez Bill Drill, with a twist. Simple setup with 3 paper paper targets and 2 strings. First string started facing uprange. Turn and hose each target with 6 (shots limited), mandatory reload between targets. Second string was a repeat except it was shot blindfolded. Take a sight picture, holster and then don the blackout glasses while facing the targets. At start, just index the gun and hose away. Blind reloading turned out to be easier for some than normal reloads. Craig had the calibration perfect with no misses to snatch the win from Cedric. Double Barrel; Mike assembled this 18 round quickie. Start anywhere, shoot them as you see them. Two target groups consisting of a single paper and 2 steel, each shot through a barrel. 2 shots on the steel, please. A single middle paper collected the remaining 6 rounds. Setting Star; A combo of paper concealed behind barrels, finishing up with the Texas Star and some falling plates. Start with toes touching the start line, then try and shoot around the barrels quickly. With the adrenalin fully flowing, complete with the star and 6 plates. 23 rounds of shots unlimited hosing. Joey hustled through this one to take his second stage win. Short Standards; Simple enough. 3 paper targets and 3 boxes at 40, 20 and 10 yards. Two shots limited per target at each box, one continuous string. Start in the far box with hands at sides. Slow and steady beat fast and furious as Joey took his third stage to close out the overall win.


Happily for us, Pete is still lingering in the area as he prepares his house for sale. The end of the year is rapidly upon us, leaving little time to participate in our annual stage submittal contest. We have filled our year with postals, prior IRC stages and classifiers, but there's still one match to show your creativity.

November Rimfire Match

We'll be shooting the first (and last?) installment of "Cedric's Postal Match." This Rimfire event conceived by Nelson at Cedric's request. Shoot with .22 revolver or pistol, then repeat with an extra plate using rifle. Juniors pay only $5 so bring the youngsters. Newbies are $10 as usual; Regulars $15.

November ICORE Match

More postal madness as we combine the ICORE International Postal Match and our traditional "Turkey" match. We'll have food by Ron to cap the festivities. We'll be shooting a rimfire rifle and shotgun as part of the big Turkey Stage, so if you have one you can bring it. Loaners will be available. Shot shells and rimfire ammo will be provided. A special award for the best time on the Turkey stage. The Postal is 90 rounds and the Turkey stage will be at least 45 centerfire rounds, perhaps more.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area
Hidden Valley Revolver Club  Now shooting at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2007. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez has 4th Saturday monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area.