October 2003 Newsletter

October Match: The surge of interest in the limited class continues. Rich has thrown his hat in for the time being and Ron W. shot his second match in the class. Thirteen of the 21 shooters attending shot limited. Mike had a very good match as the limited division continues to increase in competitiveness. But the open class still dominates the top of the table. Derek won the match by a country mile, racking up three stage wins. Pete placed second taking a stage win and Art came in at third with one stage win. Dan won the limited division by a thin second over Cedric, based entirely on that crazy Who’s Idea stage. Have a look at Rays’ score on Bill Drill, he was burning, first in limited and second overall giving Derek a run for his money. We welcomed a record three shooters to their first Wheelburners match; Thomas Beben, Rob Leist and Ricardo Sepulveda. A look at their scores shows that they’re not new to hand gunning, we hope they come back. The stages: Messed Up; Two big rectangles at 10yrds, two round plates a little inboard at 15yrds and a big rectangle stop plate at center 20yrds, best four of five. Who’s Idea is This; Six paper in two groups of three with a few yards in between groups, the inboard papers set at ground level and get taller as they go outboard. String one from the 20yrd line engage the outboard papers three rounds freestyle. String two from 15yrds go to kneel and engage the middle papers three rounds strong hand only. String three from 10yrds go prone and engage the inboard papers three rounds weak hand only. Re-Zoned; 5 round plates nearby on the right, angling in and down range, three large rectangles way out and a stop round plate nearby on the right. Three strings all count. Bill Drill to Third Power(CS99-03); A paper left and one right at 10ft and another in the middle at 21ft. At the signal turn and engage in order each with six rounds and mandatory reloads between. Kaleidoscope; A ported barricade with two paper on the right and one on the left six yards from a shooters box. Behind the barricade three more paper and three each of round plates, small poppers and large poppers arranged haphazardly. From the box engage the three near paper then from each position (right, the port and left of the barricade) knock down all of each steel type. The papers in the back anytime.

Lost And Found: Three eight shot moon clips were found at the range following Octobers match. Other clubs use the range but in all likelihood they were left behind by somebody at our match. If you seem to be missing some clips contact Ron Williamson and identify the brass they contain to recover them.

Club Match: The November 8th match will be the annual turkey shoot. Five stages designed solely for fun plus a turkey shoot event. No word yet on the round count but it’s sure to be high so be prepared and bring some extra ammo. After the match we’ll have a barbeque prepared by grill meister Ron Joslin and perhaps a few prizes as well. Don’t miss it or you’ll be sorry. Stages are being done by Ron W., Rich, Heeday, Richard and Cedric. The final match of the year will be on December 13th and the stages will be done by Nelson. Rumor has it he is planning a little something special.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hiddenvalleyrc/ for directions and information. I guess you Big Bear guys are going to ignore me.