OCTOBER 2002 Newsletter

October Match: The stages set up by Cedric and Nelson were challenging and fun to shoot. The weather was perfect for shooting. Suddenly a thick fog of brain fade descended. By the time it lifted 64 penalties and 119 misses had been recorded. A check of the news didn’t reveal any illegal herb farms being burnt in the vicinity. Like the running of the lemmings it must be one of those unsolvable mysteries of life. It did some strange things to the scores as well. For example Cedric took 3 of the five stages but placed seventh overall. Some of the shooters were able to shake it off and you’ll find them at the top of the results table. Derek made an impressive come back after taking more then a year off by winning overall and a stage. Pete, perhaps the most consistent match to match shooter, won a stage and placed second. Richard won the Limited (see ICORE News) division placing fifth overall. Welcome to Kingston Smith who shoots ICORE in Texas and his son Gregg that he’s visiting here in California. Welcome as well to Marshall Granberg who cut his teeth in Bianchi and drove down from Bakersfield. The stages: Stage1; start in the box then move down range while engaging the seven papers hiding left and right behind barriers and two more in the open next to the poppers, reload then engage the four poppers, penalties for not reloading or engaging paper after steel. Stage 2; Far and Near. Stage 3; sitting in the chair, grab the loaded snubby from the brief case, engage the five IPSC targets one round each, upper A/B hit counts minus one second, don’t hit the no shoot that covers most of four papers, do it again strong hand then again weak hand. Stage 4; start in the box then move forward 5ft to the second box, knock the water bottle off the post with your strong hand then draw and hit the two big plates left and right at 20yrds 2 rounds each then the small stop plate at 10yrds center, best four of five count. Stage 5; from behind the barricade draw and engage the three paper on your strong side with strong hand 2 rounds each, reload and engage the three paper on your weak side with weak hand 2 rounds each, reload and from either but only one side engage all paper freestyle 1 round each.

ICORE News: Henceforth the “Stock” division will be referred to as “Limited”. The rule book text defining the Limited division equipment as been expanded as well. The expansion seems to concentrate on sights and barrels and those of you shooting the Limited division should go to the ICORE rules page to verify your equipment is considered Limited.

Club Shirts: Rich put the order in and believes he will have them for the November match.

Upcoming Club Matches: The November 9th club match directorship is still open. Ron J. and Pete are co-match directors for the December 14th match.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hvrc/ for directions and information. The members of HVRC also invite you to a snubby revolver match at the Magnolia Indoor Range in Santee see this page for more information http://members.cox.net/snubbymatch/ .