September 2007 Newsletter

Members Update

Craig Gilbert continues to improve as he bides his time in UCLA medical center trying to get his blood chemistry right. When that's resolved he's on the transplant list. Bob Miles is slowly recovering at home from his impromptu gymnastics pratfall and expects to have the wrist and pelvis healed enough to make the trip to the October Nevada State. While his Wheel Burners Team Captain role may be non-shooting we look forward to seeing him. And, Rich Molony also is healing from his devastating ankle, ribcage and pelvic damage. He's hoping to come out as he is able. We wish all our members a speedy recovery to shooting status!

Revolver Match Report

A preview of Fall weather provided a perfect shooting day for John's "Retro" match. Three classifiers, a steel stage and the "Death Star" put everyone to the test. This match belonged to Cedric and Dan who usually shoot Limited and were thus unconcerned about what to do with the front sight. Open shooters generally struggled and the extra fumbling with speedloaders ballooned up everyone's times. Although the match included 3 classifiers, we will not be submitting them as they are not representative scores due to the special nature of this event. If you want your scores submitted, contact Ron W.

The stages: CS-027 Danger At Every Stop; 6 targets and 4 boxes. One shots limited freestyle round on each target from each box. Cedric used his Model 66 to good advantage for the stage win. Sharon showed that shooting accurately pays off as she took third place. Skinny Steel; A straightforward steel stage made more difficult with tall skinny plates. Cedric romped through this one with a wide margin. CS-008 Accuracy Is Everything; Two boxes and 5 targets. Shoot rightmost 3 targets right handed from right box and leftmost 3 left handed from left box. Target spacing and distance made the two shots limited rounds per target harder than at first glance. Sharon was in the hunt again with her excellent accuracy, taking 4th on this stage just barely behind Cedric. CS-029 Quicky II; Another nasty free/strong/weak stage. Shots limited with 2 rounds on each target and mandatory reloads. Two no-shoots added interest but did not come into play unless you were really careless. Dan found the handle to take this one away from Cedric. Death Star; The Texas Star plus 4 papers for a total of 13 rounds. No-shoots placed behind the star tested the courage of the shooters. Most waited until the plates swung clear, but the brave took them without concern. Cedric was undaunted to close out the match with this final win. Duel; A 6th stage using John's dueling tree. Start with 3 plates on each side and try to get all on your opponent's side to win. Best 2 of 3 advanced, losers shot off again for 3rd place. First 3 places got a time reduction and the rest were only envious. Results were a repeat of last year with Dan, Cedric and John finishing in that order. Even with the 5 second edge, Dan couldn't catch Cedric who took overall by 2 seconds.

September Rimfire Match Report

Derek grabbed all the handgun stage wins to take the September outing, but Art is hanging tight in a tie for first Open as we head into the final 2 events. Likewise, Cedric bested Dan by a scant margin to tie up the Limited race. Tim and Big John are still within striking distance, so the leaders can't miss a match. If you haven't shot with us yet, it's a fun and inexpensive match, great for youngsters and beginners. Three stages of five plate steel, shot with both pistol and rifle. All rimfire actions welcomed. Next match is our October outing on the 6th.

October ICORE Match - International Postal

In October we'll shoot the International Postal Match. Let's have a big turnout and we'll take a group photo to submit with the results.

Nevada State ICORE Championship

Toni Clancy and the Southern Nevada club are hosting this event on October 27. Click on the link to download an entry form. A number of Wheel Burners are going to support our neighbor club. If you want to carpool, ask at a Wheel Burners match. Toni says the Boulder Inn is offering a discount to ICORE members if you ask for it. 702/369-1000 and the room rate includes the usual coffee and light breakfast. They offer some "fantasy suites" that could provide additional entertainment if you bring along a significant other.

November ICORE Match - Turkey Shoot

November is our traditional fun match with Chef Ron's pre-holiday cookout. Look for a "Field of Steel" and some other sporting stages to make this a memorable day.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club - at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club. Unfortunately, handgun shooting has been suspended due some stray rounds leaving the range, but they plan to get back on track with some preventive measures. Check the web site above for status.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners - Monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2008. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez - ICORE matches on the fourth Saturday.