SEPTEMBER 2003 Newsletter

September Match: The postal match is really growing into its own. Twenty three shooters attended and a bit more seriousness was evident this year. The stages, somewhat constrained in design by the nature of the match, were balanced and challenging as well as fun. The hallmarks of a well thought out match. A tip of the hat to ICORE. Ron won the match taking a stage win. Mike, who appeared headed for the win, won three stages but fell to second after stumbling on the classifier. Derek came in at third with one stage win. Cedric won the limited division shooting a fine match that placed him sixth overall. Hot on his heels was Ron shooting a second gun in, of all things, the limited division. Hmmm… I’m thinking a lifetime supply of coin cell batteries would be a nice gift for Ron this year. Yuki finally beats Heeday in their eternal competition. But a word of warning to all, these places include the classifier stage which is not part of the postal scores. You may want to back out your score before puffing up or at least be careful to differentiate between club match and postal. Welcome to Richard Koester who drove over 300 miles from the north to attend. When he mentioned it at the shooters meeting he received a heartfelt applause. No small thing coming from the freeway hardened SoCal crowd. Welcome also to Rich Brito, who many of us know, does quite well in the semi auto game. If he sticks with it, it can be assumed he’ll rise rapidly much as Art has. The stages: Any Accuracy Left; three paper close and right, two farther and left. Engage the close paper two rounds reload and engage the back right 6 rounds, reload and again two on the front, then 6 on the back left. X ring minus one on the back targets. X-Rings Will Save You; six paper in a row at 23 feet. Engage each paper one round freestyle, reload then again strong, reload then again weak. X minus one. A Crowd of Three; three groups of two targets each with a no shoot covering some of each. Engage the groups in order from front to back with three rounds each target and reloads before the next group. Control Counts; six paper set up like far and near. From 45 feet put one round on each. String two from 30 feet engage each with two rounds. String three from 9 feet engage the top targets two rounds strong, reload then the bottom targets two rounds weak. Exercise 1,2,3 (CS01-03); Three paper in a row. From 75 feet put two rounds on each. String two from 60 feet engage the two outside paper three rounds each. String three from 30 feet engage the center paper three rounds reload then again three on the center.

Club Match: The next club match will be on November 11th. Ron Joslin, who missed the postal for work commitments will be hosting. We’ll have to wait and see if Ron is carrying any lingering resentment. The November 8th match will be the always fun turkey shoot. Stages are being done by Ron W., Rich, Heeday and Richard. For a detailed list of the whole year go here.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to for directions and information. I guess you Big Bear guys are going to ignore me.