August 2007 Newsletter

Members Update

Ron Joslin reports that Bob Miles is back home, recovering from his broken wrist and pelvis. Bob apparently is feeling well enough to do a little spring cleaning and offered up some workshop treasures that Ron brought to the match. All his castoffs found new homes with happy shooters. Thanks, Bob.

On a less cheery note, Craig Gilbert is stuck in UCLA Medical Center awaiting some critical tests that will determine whether he gets a new heart or will be able to get by with some mechanical assist for his old one. As some of you may know, Craig had a heart muscle virus some years ago and has been weakened by that, limiting his ability to shoot with us. While he was at the IRC assisting with stats, he was unable to shoot and has been in and out of hospitals since then. He's in cardio ICU and can receive visitors 24/7 except for shift change hour at 7am and 7pm. We'll keep you informed on his progress.

Revolver Match Report

A cool morning quickly turned sweaty hot with no wind. Early arrivals by our shooters and a willingness for all to pitch in and set up got us going on time at 0830. We were happy to see Pat and Kerry who parked their motor home near the cowboy range so they could shoot with us. They normally shoot down in San Diego, but their club has been temporarily homeless due to range problems. Thanks to them for coming to shoot and helping with setup.

The theme of this match could be "mediocrity rules" as both the Open and Limited division winners failed to win a single stage. Dan must have been chortling as he tabulated the scores because Cedric dominated the match and yet blew it out on Dan's stage design to hand him the Limited win.

The stages: Crossfire; Ron Joslin deviated from his normal compact course design with this cross country stage. 3 boxes and 9 paper plus a half dozen steel plates far downrange. From the first box shoot cross range to 3 paper about 35 yards away, then dash in that direction and swing around to shoot back across the range at another 3 about 25 yards distant. Finish in the middle box with 3 targets at muzzle distance. Somewhere along the way tag each of the 6 steel plates. Some tried plates from each box to economize on reloads, others just used the extra rounds to improve hits on those long range papers. When all the dust settled, Kerry took the win on this 24 round shots unlimited stage by a wide margin. Standing Kneeling Prone; Another imaginative stage from Ron J. Only 3 targets and 3 boxes, but with the extra challenge of shooting in each of the 3 positions along the way. Some went prone in the start box at 30 yards and some saved the flop for last at the 5 yard box. The middle 15 yard box saw some standing and some kneeling. A penalty of 5 seconds for failing to kneel and 5 seconds for failing to flop encouraged the gymnastics. Even with shots unlimited, there were still misses on this 18 round stage. Kerry knelt, stood and flopped in that order to take this stage handily. Hustle; Another uncharacteristic Ron J design with a long shooting area and 18 targets strung out in 6 groups of 3 along the way. Start in the box behind the big rectangular steel no shoot and then engage targets as you can. From the start box, the last group was at 40 yards and everyone except Big John scampered up close. Art showed quick feet along with a fast trigger to take this 36 round shots unlimited stage. L & R; Dan and Ron apparently switched mind sets as Dan's simple 20 round shots unlimited stage was shot from a single box. Starting with hands down, shoot the right hand low paper at 3 yards with 6 rounds, then pick up the 4 plates on the right rack. Continue with the left target also at 3 yards and the remaining 4 plates on the left rack. Minor complication was right hand only on right side and left hand only on left side. It was the undoing of Ron J and Cedric who both burned up the moons on this one. Not a good stage for marginally accurate ammo as Ron found, nor a good stage for a gun that rarely sees the firing line as is Cedric's 8 rounder. We're pretty sure Cedric's time set a new record for a 20 round stage. Art shot it smartly to take the stage. Metal Madness; Borrowed from the recent Central Regional, this 24 round shots unlimited stage featured 20 falling steel targets. Two large poppers guarded the A Zone on the two papers at 20 yards. Two mirror image arrays of 3 large poppers in front, 3 small poppers in the middle and 3 small plates in the back hiding behind a barricade. Start with gun on the table, seated on the big cable reel. At start, engage the middle array of poppers and paper while seated, then move to either barricade to shoot the steel arrays. Left array on left side of barricade and right array on right side of barricade. The big poppers were maddeningly slow and the barricades positioned to keep shooters off balance. None of this trickery bothered Art who took the stage by a couple of seconds over Ron W and Kerry. Alas, his misses on SKP made it all for naught!

August Rimfire Match Report

Art and Derek had 2 stage wins apiece, but the Art's rifle scores made the difference as Art took the lead in the Open division of the Rimfire Championship. Dan managed a squeaker win over Cedric to take the lead in Limited division. With 3 matches remaining, it's still possible to have an upset if the leaders miss a match. If you haven't shot with us yet, it's a fun and inexpensive match, great for youngsters and beginners. Three stages of five plate steel, shot with both pistol and rifle. All rimfire actions welcomed. Next match is our September outing on the 1st. Yes, it's Labor Day weekend, but we'll be shooting anyway.

September ICORE "Retro" Match

Match starts at 8:30am on the 8th. This is what's becoming our annual "retro" match, put on by Big John. To get into the spirit of the day, speedloaders and iron sights are requested. Don't have the right equipment? Bring what you do have and shoot for fun. If you shoot open, you'll get some time added to compensate for the advantage. Dust off that old K-38 and Comp III loaders and come on out.

October ICORE Match - International Postal

October is reserved for the ICORE International Postal Match. The 4 stages of postal fun will be augmented with a classifier. Let's have a big turnout and we'll take a group photo to submit with the results.

Nevada State ICORE Championship

Toni Clancy and the Southern Nevada club are hosting this event on October 27. Click on the link to download an entry form. A number of Wheel Burners are going to support our neighbor club. If you want to carpool, ask at a Wheel Burners match.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club - at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club. Unfortunately, handgun shooting has been suspended due some stray rounds leaving the range, but they plan to get back on track with some preventive measures. Check the web site above for status.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners - Monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2008. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez - ICORE matches on the fourth Saturday.