August 2004 Newsletter

With a big steel match just around the corner we didn’t want to disappoint, so six stages of fun it was. Yea.. it was hot but everyone survived. We even had four shooters attend their first Wheel Burners match. Father and son, John and Cody Maxwell who met some Wheel Burners at the IRC came out. Ron W. invited Conrad out and he brought friend Drew as well. Welcome to all. It was a match of photo finishes with Pete winning the match and open by a mere half second over Ron W. Likewise Dan won limited by a thin second over Mike. Rhonda placed third overall. Stage wins went to Pete, Ron and Billy who placed nicely at fourth. Bob had a good match and Heeday won Options in the limited division. The Maxwell’s, surprisingly, placed next to each other on three of the six stages. The stages: Options: Three arrays of single target; small steel, paper and large steel, each with an associated option plate of increasing difficulty. Five shots, hit the option for a second off. Three strings Annoying: Three arrays of three targets each. All have different parts blacked out. Three shots on each. The randomness of the blacked sections called for extra attention. Slalom: Six barrels heading downrange. Each hiding a single target. Weave your way through the barrels and engage each, one shot. Then knock the plates off the shooting star at the end. Bring your ski pole(s) along and get a second off each plate for each pole. Closer & Harder: Three boxes heading downrange, fifteen yards apart. Two targets in front of each and a lone target near the final array. From the first box engage the two near and the lone target two rounds each. Run like the wind and do the same from the other boxes. Second box strong hand, last box weak hand. Top Fuel 2: Four plates set vertical. Two whites a red and a green. One paper near, one further. Engage the white and green plates and the near paper two rounds. Or engage the red plate and the further paper four rounds with one second off for X hits. Three strings. Point Break: Three plates set vertical. Another left and another right. Stop plate top vertical. Best four of five.

Club Match: The next Wheel Burners club match will be September 11. We’re shooting the ICORE postal match so don’t miss out. The postal match is one in which all the ICORE clubs participate. We all shoot the same stages and the results are tallied up across the whole organization and posted on ICORE’s web page. Kind of fun to see how you do against a whole bunch of people. We’ll also carry the club results on this site to see how you did against the local competition. We’re still needing design and setup for the October match.

Club Shirts: Well….it seems we’ve been going back and forth on this. Here’s the final word. The shirts are going to be ordered in only one style. Short sleeve, polo, with pocket, 100% cotton in light gray. A comfortable, useful and all around good looking shirt. If you would like one or more mail Rich and tell him your size and how many. Better hurry the order goes in soon. If you don’t want to commit then you can choose from excess and hope you find your size. Rich’s e-mail.

Open Exchange: A recent e-mail exchange.
From: Dan (ICORE member and nice guy) To: Roy Cuny (President/CEO of S&W)
I would like to thank you and Smith & Wesson for your support of the shooting sports. I was lucky enough to attend both the South West Regional Revolver Championships held in May and the International Revolver Championship held in June. Fun, fun, fun.  I've rarely seen so many smiles in one place. What a great bunch of people. My wife and young daughter came out for the Sunday shoot offs at the IRC and they brought their smiles as well. The local ICORE club I shoot with has a healthy attendance and the sport in general is growing. Much of the thanks go to you and the people of Smith & Wesson. Thank You. Best regards.

From: Roy Cuny To: Dan
Many thanks for your kind comments; you are most welcome indeed and I will pass along your comments to the gang - they are proud to be a part of ICORE!  Best regards

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to for directions and information. Team Lopez has monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. For more information and a contact, go to .