July 2007 Newsletter

Members Update

Bob Miles was just recovering from some carotid artery surgery when he took an unplanned dive off a ladder. The resulting broken wrist and broken pelvis leave Bob with a 10 week recovery in front of him. He's in a convalescent hospital but can receive visitors. Drop in on him if you can. Contact Ron J for details if you did not get the email notice. We wish Bob a speedy recovery and a return to shooting with us.

Revolver Match Report

A medium hot day with a select number of shooters to try out a Ron Joslin match. Most shooters managed to get to the range for the summmertime 0830 start, allowing a finish by 1100 and a leisurely lunch in Piru. Derek was top Open, even with only two stage wins. Cedric's mobility on "Sitting" and "Plates" kept him ahead of John who is not as nimble following his foot surgery. John is tough on the stand and shoot stages, taking two of them handily. It was good to see Bob S and Ricardo again. Thanks to all for showing up and helping with setup and teardown.

The stages: Sitting & Standing; A course taken from the ICORE Coastal Bend Shooters website. A shots unlimited design featuring two close groups of 3 paper targets nestled around a no-shoot and 3 plates farther downrange. Sitting in the chair behind the barricade, gun on barrel. Shoot both paper groups while sitting with a mandatory reload between groups. Stand up and shoot the plates through the barricade port after another reload. A quick stage where the top 3 finishers were within a second. Roundabout; With the Steel Challenge only a few short weeks away, Ron promised us a couple of steel stages. Odd target spacing makes it hard to get a good rhythm on this stage, but Tim figured it out to take top score. Staggered El Prez; Another stage from our friends at Coastal Bend Shooters. Three papers on the left, fading away and 3 poppers on the right. Two strings, shots unlimited with mandatory reloads between groups. Starting with the paper, tag each with 2 rounds, reload and 2 rounds each again. Reload and finish with the steel. Reset the steel and do it again for String 2. Even with the chance to make up shots, there were still B and C hits due to the fade away targets. Derek's smokin' raw time allowed him to eat a couple of B hits and still take the stage. Plates & Barrels; A Ron Joslin original. Three papers hiding behind barrels on the right, three more on the left farther downrange. Both plate racks active with a total of 12 steel. One shots unlimited string starting from the box, then shoot them as you see them. Pete squeezed ahead of Derek for the win. Smoke & Hope; This simple stage with big, close plates always invites disaster, but Derek resisted to take the win convincingly and close out the match for top overall.

July Rimfire Match Report

After our 2 month break, we restarted the Rimfire Championship with our July rimfire event. Derek and Art are fighting it out for top Open while Cedric and Dan are tied in Limited. It's a fun and inexpensive match, great for youngsters and beginners. Three stages of five plate steel, shot with both pistol and rifle. All rimfire actions welcomed. Next match is our August outing on the 4th.

June Aussie Postal Match Recap

We had a 5th Saturday in June, so we used it wisely and shot the 4 stages from the 2nd Quarter 07 Aussie Postals plus a couple of steel stages. Tim had the hot hand to take the overall win as well as the Postal stages.

August ICORE Match

Match starts at 8:30am. Unless we have a volunteer to pitch in stages, we'll shoot the 3rd quarter Aussie Postals. Remember, stages chosen or designed and set up get an entry in our stage design contest. Last year Mike G took home a Franklin and John M got the Grant.

September Retro Match

We have moved our "Retro" match to September due to conflicts. Limited guns, 6 rounds using speed loaders. Or a seven rounder. Don’t have the right equipment? Bring what you do have and shoot for fun.

October ICORE Match - International Postal

It's the time of year for the ICORE International Postal Match. This is about the only free month, as November is our traditional fun match and December is always iffy.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club - at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club. Unfortunately, handgun shooting has been suspended due some stray rounds leaving the range, but they plan to get back on track with some preventive measures. Check the web site above for status.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners - Monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2008. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez - ICORE matches on the fourth Saturday.