July 2004 Newsletter

For some people a big match like the recent IRC sates for a period. The others prefer something approaching continuous shooting. As say the 14 shooters attending the July match. Ron J. with some help from Pete unleashed the imagination with three bizarre stages and another two just for fun. Mike and Dan duked it out for the win with Mike taking his first wheelburners match by a squeaking .28s . They each took a stage win as did Rhonda at 3rd and Pete won two stages at 4th. Rob, who hung around to make sure all the score sheets were safely collected, claimed he had his best match ever. And so it was. Welcome to Jim who stopped by for the match. He started slow but warmed nicely. The stages, now pay attention: You Decide; 3 papers on the horizontal, a box about 15ft in front of each. Engage each paper from it’s box 6 rounds. Use strong hand and get 1s off for each X use weak get –2. Stage 2: 3 boxes heading downrange. A 3 paper array to the left, 3 papers right and 6 to the rear. Oddly, the layout didn’t make for a strong association of arrays to boxes. From each box engage an array. Engage each target with at least one round but the best six hits per array score and x’s deduct 1s. Tiny Plates: Gun loaded on table , have a seat. At the signal engage the three very close papers 2 rounds, Then the three papers way out there 2 rounds each, not so easy with the no-shoots. And if you want you can try to ring the 2 big rectangles and the 2 10” plates at squinting distance for minus 1s., but only one score per plate. More Plates: 12 plates and ten poppers. No thinking required. Ring ’em and knock ‘em down. Bang the Gong: Three big rectangles angling downrange. Stand in the box and ring each one six times. One string.

Club Match: The next Wheelburners club match will be August 14. Nobody is signed up to do the stages. Don’t forget about the drawing for some cool prize at the end of the year for stage design and setups. Might be a good chance for you to get some chits in.

IRC: The International Revolver Championship at the Hogue Range on June 18-20 came off superbly. Cloudy and cool mornings gave way to sunny afternoons. Some afternoon winds made a little trouble for the poppers, otherwise the weather was made for shooting. Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors the prize table was overflowing. Truly bountiful. The 10 stages were well designed and loads of fun. Side events, such as a stage setup to try out a newly introduced pistol and a moon clip reloading race, added a little levity. One hundred and sixty nine total competitors from points all over the US and a healthy Australian contingent attended. The twenty four Wheelburners among them had a pretty good match, as well as having a number of the match responsibilities. Derek placed 12th overall 10th open. Others in the overall top 50: Art at 21 overall and 17 open, , Mike D at 24 overall 19 open, Dan at 32 overall 10 limited, Mike T at 39 overall 14 limited, Pete at 41 overall 27 open and Rhonda at 49 overall 34 open. Karim won limited D class and Rich M won open D class. Billy won open junior, Rhonda won open lady and Cedric won PPC. A rousing applause to all who made it happen which would include all the shooters for being such a fun crowd.

Club Shirts: The interest expressed in club shirts is insufficient to make it economically viable to place an order for various colors and styles. There is however enough interest to place a single type order. A call for opinions at the shooters meeting came to the conclusion that the most widely acceptable shirt would be a polo style (collar with button V-neck), with chest pocket, short sleeve and light gray in color. If you would like one or more and have yet not done so let rich know what size(s) you would like. He as well plans on ordering some extra’s of varying size for delayed interest but better not leave things to chance. Rich’s e-mail.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hiddenvalleyrc/ for directions and information. Team Lopez has monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. For more information and a contact, go to http://www.22rimfire.org/teamlopez.htm .