June 2007 Newsletter

2007 IRC
It’s in the books now. Nelson Dymond put on a great match and the Wheelburners were well represented. Rich who won a revolver on a drawing gave it to a youth (via his father) to encourage young shooter participation. IRC results can be found on the ICORE web site. Don’t forget to send a note or e-mail of thanks to Smith and Wesson and the sponsors that filled your prize package. That goes a long way in keeping our sport growing.

Revolver Match Report
Being the weekend after the IRC no one expected much of a turnout so it was a pleasant surprise to have twelve attendees. Good weather, no Far and Near, everyone relaxed, an all around good day. Bob Miles, only a few weeks after surgery, attended, and did well to boot. Three steel stages as practice to those attending the Steel Challenge and two paper stages. A bit unusual in that each stage was won by a different shooter. John won the match with Dan close behind. The remaining stages went to Rhonda, Mike and Cedric.
The stages: Five to Go; Four plates fading downrange left to right and the stop close on the right. Best of four of five strings. Peep; Three papers 10 feet away with a small gap between and two papers just visible through the gaps at about 15yrds. Two rounds on the front paper and three on the back, mandatory reload then do it again. Outer Limits; That steel stage with the long shots and lateral movement. Bill Drill; Three papers at about 12 feet. Six rounds on each, mandatory reloads between. Smoke n Hope; That steel stage with the big, close plates.

Rimfire Match Report

The June rimfire match was cancelled because just about everybody was at the IRC. We start up again in July. Three stages of five plate steel, shot with both pistol and rifle. All rimfire actions welcomed. An inexpensive fun match, great for youth and beginners.

July ICORE Match

Match starts at 8:30am.
The June match was so carefree we forgot to get any commitments for the July match. We may shoot the Australia Postals, or not. If you have some stage designs you want to shoot bring them along. If they get used you’ll get some chits in the year end stage drawing.

Retro Match
John has proposed the October club revolver match be what is becoming our annual all retro match. Limited guns, 6 rounds using speed loaders. Or a seven rounder. Don’t have the right equipment? Bring what you do have and shoot for fun.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club - at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club. Handgun shooting has been temporarily suspended, but they plan to get back on track later this year. We'll keep you posted or check the web site above.
Central Coast Wheel Gunners - Monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo. On the third Saturday of the month.
Team Lopez - ICORE matches on the fourth Saturday.