June 2006 Newsletter

Match Report

In spite of the absence of stalwarts Kevin, Rich and Ron J, we had 28 shooters doing last minute IRC prep. A special thanks to Steve, Fred and Sharon, Rich M and Harry for pitching in and helping complete the stage setup. Rich W and Richard K drove down from waaaay up north for some last minute practice. Steve B came with Nelson to get some exposure to match setup and operation. He also gets around the course pretty handily with his 625. Steve will be running the Lopez Canyon matches upon Nelson's planned departure. He's no doubt committed to ICORE as he signed up for a Life Membership.

As in last months match, each stage was won by a different shooter. And, to make it even more curious, overall winner Derek did not take a single stage win!

The stages: Hex; A speed stage emphasizing accuracy and reloading. 3 paper, 3 steel, 3 strings. Shots limited on paper, X count. Rich W showed both speed and accuracy to squeak past his traveling companion. Step Off; A practice stage for the proper trap door release and swinger management techniques. Try and find the 8 targets hiding behind barrels and barricades and don't forget the lonely popper. 17 quick rounds if you didn't lose your place. Many did and some targets got more than 2 hits when the uncertainty factor kicked in. Having lost stage 1 by a hair, Richard got revenge on this stage. Far & Near; You could smell the scores on this beauty a mile away. Everyone avoided peaking too early with the result that scores went straight in the toilet. Nobody will be sorry to see the end of this one for the remainder of this year. Tim showed he was serious with a respectable 20. Speed Shoot; Looking a lot like an IRC stage, this quick 9 rounds featured 4 No Shoots strategically placed. 3 plates, a couple poppers and 2 paper. Just far enough away to make the plates extra fun. One not quite so fast string. The top 3 shooters were within 2 hundredths of second. Didn't matter, as Joey took the win. Fade; A steel stage much like 5 To Go. Four 10 inch plates at increasing distance from left to right and a huge rectangular stop plate off to the right side. The steel experts prevailed on this one with Mike D beating Derek to close out the match.

July Rimfire Match
Yes, Virginia, there will be a Rimfire steel on July 1. Not everyone gets the Monday off so there will be plenty of shooters in town. We'll try to add an extra 4th stage to make it special. Shoot with pistol, then repeat with an extra plate using rifle. Juniors pay only $5 so bring the youngsters. Newbies are $10 as usual. Regulars $15.

July ICORE Match
The July event will kick off the last half of the Wheel Burner year. Stage contributions are encouraged as we have retired F&N and classifiers will be infrequent. On the 8th.

Stage Contribution Contest
A reminder to put on your match director hat and put in some stage designs for the remainder of the year. Each stage contributed and set up at a match gets a token in the annual drawing. Last year Dan walked away with a Franklin and Ron J got the Grant. The monetary reward is not much, but you earn the respect and admiration of your fellow shooters. That's of inestimable value. We look forward to a surfeit of stages.

Upcoming Championship Matches
IRC on June 16-18 at the Hogue Range near San Luis Obispo.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area
Hidden Valley Revolver Club  Now shooting at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club. LGRGC was the site of the inaugural IRC back in 1992.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2006. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez has 4th Saturday monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. The morning ICORE match is followed by an afternoon rimfire steel event. Double fun!