June 2005 Newsletter

Match Report
A perfect day, cool and sunny. Twenty one shooters came out for this last match before the IRC. No classifier, as we shot the Australian Postal Match stages, plus our last practice for Far & Near. Gary surged back into the late arrival lead position with a last second arrival.

The stages: Steady as it Goes: From the box facing down-range. Three D-1 targets snuggled up next to No Shoots that just touched the B Ring. One round per each target, reload, two rounds per target, reload, three rounds per target. Shots Limited so those errant No Shoots couldn't be recovered. A few people ate the 10 extra seconds, but most slowed down and got the A hits. Ron W half-hurried his way to a stage win. All In a Line: One box, 6 D-1 targets, 3 rounds per target. Simple, except the targets were 20 m distant. To make it interesting, Shots Unlimited and X's counted for 1 second off. Just for fun, a mandatory reload between Targets 3 and 4. So, the dilemma is, shoot only 3 shots each or empty the gun before the mandatory reload even though the clock is running. The winning combo was slow and precise and the occasional make-up round as needed. Art showed his marksmanship on this one. Far & Near: Once more, Art shows strong in club matches. F & N scores have been off lately, but it could be that nobody wants to peak too early. Steel Is Last: A mirrored array of 3 paper and a full size popper with 2 boxes. Start in the left, shoot the left targets from left to right, a standing reload and then pick up the popper. Move and another mandatory reload, repeating in the right hand box. Shots Unlimited because of the steel. Young Billy hustled along for the win. Different Hands: An interesting amalgam of the last two boxes from Far & Near. One box, 10 meters. Three targets. Two rounds free style, reload, two rounds strong, reload, two rounds weak. Shots Limited, but no X count, so it was ok to crank up the speed. Art did the hand changes best for his third stage win of the match.

July Match
The next club match will be held July 9 on our regular second Saturday. We are starting into the second half of the year and Far & Near will become a distant memory, so we encourage participation by submitting stages and volunteering as match director. As in the past two years, there will be a handsome prize, yet to be determined, for the winner of the stage submittal drawing. Each stage submitted and set up gets an entry. Past prizes have been a S&W 686 and a Dillon 550. Better than the Lottery for sure!

IRC 2005
As we go to press, the June 10-12 IRC is scant days away. Just show up and shoot, as there are plenty of open slots. A post-match supplement will be posted here next week.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area
Hidden Valley Revolver Club. Kerry Standifer reports they have secured access to the Police Pistol Range in San Diego for their 3rd Saturday matches that will resume in July. This is always a fun match and it's not an impossible drive. Combine it with a trip to the zoo or Wild Animal park to make a complete weekend.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2005. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez has 4th Saturday monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area.