JUNE 2003 Newsletter

June Match: The roster for the June match included nearly the entire club membership. About the only people missing were those already in San Luis Obispo. Paul brought a friend, Lynn Harris, to round up to 22 shooters. It seemed we might have a problem getting stages with everyone preparing for the IRC. Not so, Heeday, Yuki, Cedric and Dan each setup stages and the addition of Far & Near made it five. Ron J. was turned away on a stage he was prepared to setup. That has to be a club first. Mike won the match with Ron W. hot on his heels and only a fat second behind. Mike won stage 1 and tied with Ron for best time on F&N. Derek placed third winning stage 3 and 4. Art who continues to improve his placement won stage 5. Dan won the stock division though stage wins were spread over three stock shooters. What happened to Harry on F&N? Did he get some of those red ants on him. It appears he bettered his average score by half. Wow! The stages: Back or Forward; A box with a fault line in front and another in back with 6 paper and ten steel down range, start in the box and do what you want but engage the paper behind the forward line and the steel behind the rearward line. F&N; What the heck got into Harry? Where’s The Ammo; A nifty field course with three boxes slanting downrange, a table between each and an array of three paper associated with each box, put your ammo on the tables and engage the paper from the boxes, grab your ammo and reload on the way. White or Yellow; Six plates alternately painted white or yellow in front and a large rectangle behind, three boxes in a triangle, from the first box shoot the white plates once and the rectangle twice, second box shoot the yellow plates once and the rectangle twice, from the last box shoot all the plates, one string. Right and Left; Two rows of 4 targets each about 6 yrds apart and converging until side by side at 25yrds, from the box put one round on the near most right target then one on the near most left target repeating until three rounds on each target, continue through the array, one string. Yes, objects in motion tend to stay in motion and yes there is a price to pay for shooting N frames.

Club Match: Our next club match will be July 12. We don’t yet have people lined up to do stage setup so if you have something let Ron W. know.

IRC: As you read this The International Revolver Championships will be history. A goodly number of club members will be attending so we’ll be doing a short write up next month on the happenings.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hvrc/ for directions and information.