May 2007 Newsletter

Members In The News

Wheel Burners were out in force at the Southwest Regional in Richmond with 14 shooters. Ky-Won took top B Open and Gary took top C Open. Apparently that was not quite enough road trip for Rich, so a scant 2 weeks later he made the long drive up to Colorado to show the Wheel Burners colors at the Rocky Mountain Regional.

Revolver Match Report

A bumper crop of fresh faces from down south as Theo, Ralph, Andrew and Ron U came up to shoot with us. Kevin brought friend Joe out for his first ICORE exposure. We were all both astonished and pleased to see the return of Bob S after a too-long hiatus. Richard K and Rich W were unconcerned about high pump prices as they made an early morning road trip all the way from Modesto area to whip up on the locals. Richard took 3 of the 4 classifier stages going away, but his 30 second time on F&N pushed him down to 2nd place overall. Traveling companion Rich took the other classifier stage. Local favorite Ky-Won used a good score on F&N to take first overall, thereby illustrating dramatically the importance of this perennial match-deciding stage.

Fred achieved fame in the "Strangest Event" category. First stage, first shooter, 50 yard line F&N, first shot. Barrel left with the bullet, traveling about 4 feet. Due to total weirdness, Dan awarded him a "do-over" and he shared Sharon's revolver for the remainder of the match. Dan said there was a hole in the target and the barrel portion was clean when retrieved. The barrel showed what looked to be a tension break right at the first thread with the forcing cone and threaded portion remaining in the frame. Fred said he had less than 1000 rounds through the gun with normal power factor ammo. Truly a bizarre happening.

The stages: El Prez (CS-006); A re-tread of an old favorite, this speedy classifier has 3 targets at a challenging distance. Stand in the box with hands up, then hit each paper with 2, do a mandatory reload and 2 more per target. Two strings for a total of 24 Shots Limited rounds. Richard K must have had plenty of McDonald's coffee on the drive down as he took this stage away from his traveling companion Rich. Quicky II (CS-029); Another quick and simple version of a USPSA favorite. Three targets and a couple of no shoots to trap the unwary. One continuous string of 2 shots freestyle, 2 shots strong and 2 shots weak for a total of 18 Shots Limited rounds. Rich W swapped places with Richard on this stage. Far & Near; Not exactly the best scores we have seen, but Ky-Won's 19 was good enough to take the stage and put him into First Overall. Boxes & Barricades (CS-024); A footwork and counting test. Two barricades set up against a middle shooting box. Start in a box 2 yards behind the barricades and shoot 3 of the 5 targets before moving. Step forward into one of the 3 remaining shooting positions and place 2 rounds on the lefthand 2 targets from left barricade, middle 3 targets from the middle box and righthand 2 targets from right barricade. If you paid attention there were 4 holes in each target for a total of 20 Shots Limited rounds. Richard had the hot hand on this as well to squeak by Art. Nother Time (CS-030); From the fertile mind of Bubber (aka Roger Davis), this simple vee arrangement of 5 targets was shot in 2 strings. First string 2 on each. Second string 1 on each, hence the name. Richard left everyone in the dust on this stage.

Rimfire Match Report

Rimfire match was cancelled because most of the club members were up at Morro Bay shooting pigs and ducks in a match that Ky-Won took 2nd overall. Wheel Burners were well represented with 8 shooters in the match. Our club championship points race continues starting at the July match since we'll be dark for June also.

Stage Contribution Drawing

We finally had our 2006 stage contributor awards drawing. Mike Gurule won top prize and John Maxwell won 2nd place.

June Rimfire Match

Cancelled due to the IRC.

June ICORE Match

Most likely we'll shoot the Australia Postals, but not certain. Watch the web site for further details. One thing is certain - we will NOT be shooting Far & Near!


This year's International Revolver Championship will have the richest prize table ever. At last update, 70 firearms are on the prize table. Sign up to be sure you have a place in the premier event of the shooting year.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club - at the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club. Handgun shooting has been temporarily suspended, but they plan to get back on track later this year. We'll keep you posted or check the web site above.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners - Monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2007. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez - ICORE matches on the fourth Saturday.