May 2005 Newsletter

Match Report
The weather gave us a scare but the day was fine. Twenty six shooters came out for this last match before the SWRRC. We advertised a classifier but due to a logistical error we couldn’t deliver. However Ron J. and Pete pulled something out of a hat and did deliver a great match. A number of club members that we haven’t seen much this year appeared. Among them Mike T. who apparently was well served by his time off, as he took the match and top limited with two stage wins in a commanding fashion. Art at second overall, first open and a stage win. Richard K. drove down and came in at third with a stage win and Cedric took the remaining stage. A side match seems to be developing about who will be the last to arrive at the match. Veteran Cedric is getting a run from the confident but spotty Gary. The smart money is watching young upstart Mike P. The stages: Hammer Drill: From the box facing up-range. Turn and engage the six in your face targets two rounds each. Good point shoot practice. Obtuse: Four boxes on a horizontal. From the left, engage the very close target 6 rounds. Next box same but a little longer shot. Next box same but even farther. Then the last box, with two papers very close, six rounds each. Or reverse the order. It tried to draw you in to pulling the trigger too fast. Far & Near: Your latest score reveals whether you hated or liked it. Parapet: On the left, a double decker barrel arrangement forming a port. A similar arrangement ten feet away on the right. Four papers with blacked out sections behind each and engaged through the ports. A five plate rack to be engaged from the open area between. Start six feet back of the open area and bent down to tie your laces. Spokes: Three arrays each consisting of two papers and a popper. Set up to radiate out from the box. Engage the arrays with mandatory reloads before each array.

June Match
The next club match will be held June 4. That’s a week earlier then our usual second Saturday. The reason for the schedule change is that this years IRC overlaps our normal date. Four stages and a last chance at Far & Near before the IRC. Don’t go rusty.

Southwest Regional
Bruce Strang, Match Coordinator, gives this update:
The weather looks good and the range will be ready for us on Sat., May 14, 2005. Check-in begins at 7am with safety briefing at 8am sharp! Car pooling is helpful at keeping vehicle impact on the creek bed to a minimum. The creek should be passable for regular cars by then but if necessary we can shuttle shooters up to the range. Minimum round count is 201 on 8 stages. Everyone shoots 4 stages then breaks for a B-B-Q lunch w/ soft drinks provided for everyone in attendance. Bottled water is provided throughout the range for our shooters all day. Items available for purchase (proceeds to charity) include coffee and donuts in the a.m. and snow cones! Call ahead for info if you are planning to camp at the range (626) 339-6984. Looking forward to seeing you there.
See the WEGC 
web site for directions to the range.

Rocky Mountain Regional
Ron Williamson gives this report:
The Wheel Burners colors were carried to Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Regional Revolver Championship. Rhonda, Joe, Ron W, Rich and John made the 1100+ mile trek to shoot with 45 other ICORE members under cold and windy conditions. Bud Bond put on his usual excellent and entertaining match. Plenty of rounds and imaginative stages made the crowd forget about the chilly conditions. By the afternoon on Saturday, the sun started to peek through just in time for the awards and prize table. Overall and Open Division winner was Craig Calkins from Colorado Springs. Match Statistician John Burkholder won Limited Division handily. Rhonda took the top Lady trophy home and also the distinction of traveling the farthest to get to the match. Most shooters returned on Sunday morning for the one-on-one shoot offs. A maximum of 9 plates plus a crossover were available for Master and A class shooters. B, C and D class were reduced by one plate each and both shooters started at the beep. Open Division winner was Bud Bond, avenging himself after eating 6 procedurals during the regular match. Limited Division was won by Mike Carmoney. Wheel Burners were all watching after the quarter finals, but vowed to return next year for another chance. Snow flurries and howling winds on the return trip added more excitement to a great adventure

IRC 2005
June 10-12, the
IRC will be here before you know it. You have missed the "early bird" match fee, but may still be able to get a discount if you work as an RO. If you are computer-adept, please see or e-mail Ron for a chance to earn a match fee discount by working the stats shack.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area
Hidden Valley Revolver Club. Just like the Boll Weevil, Kerry Standifer and his crew are "lookin' for a home." No news as yet, but they are actively investigating some possibilities.
Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2005. On the third Saturday of the month.
Team Lopez has monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area.