MAY 2003 Newsletter

May Match: Our traditional all classifier match the month before the IRC has always had a good turn out and this month was no exception. First time attendee Eric Cansicio and long time no see Paul McCallum joined the regulars to fill out the 22 shooter roster. Renny won the match taking stage 4 and a convincing win on stage 5. Mike placed second with a win on stage 1 and a nice run on Far & Near. Ron W. won the remaining stage (3) handily. Cedric won the stock division putting over 10 seconds between his nearest competitor. Randy shot a very nice match taking two stages in the stock division but stumbled on F&N as did many shooters. Joe shot with an optic this match and his scores zoomed fairly astonishingly. The stages: Long Shot (CS03-01); two boxes on the 180 and six paper at 40ft, start in the box of your choice and engage the three right paper from the right box and the three left paper from the left box 2 rounds each. Far & Near; the hard one. Thread the Needle (CS03-03); four paper angling downrange to the right, only the A and B zone show through hard cover, from the box engage with three rounds each. Side To Side (CS03-02); two arrays of three paper each angling downrange toward each other, from the box engage the three paper on the strong side strong hand only two rounds each then the weak side weak hand only two rounds then all of them freestyle one round each, one string. Peek A Boo (CS03-04); two paper at 10ft and three at 15ft with various parts hidden by hard cover, engage each with two rounds and a mandatory reload, reload again and reengage with two rounds each and one final reload before finishing.

Club Match: Our next club match will be June 14. That’s the weekend before the IRC and may be your last chance to unlimber or check out that new load you waited for the last minute to develop. As always we are looking for members to design and setup stages. Don’t forget about the drawing open to all who design and setup stages with your number of entries equal to your number of stages.

IRC: The International Revolver Championships will be held in San Luis Obispo from June 20-22. See the ICORE web site for more information.

Holster Wanted: Club member Paul McCallum is looking for a holster to fit a S&W 625 with five inch barrel. He prefers a right hand speed draw in the style of the old Ernie Hill’s but will consider others. If you have something and are interested in selling contact Paul at: PO Box 6247 Thousand Oaks CA 91359. Phone 818-597-9374. E-mail

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to for directions and information.