April 2005 Newsletter

Match Report

Cool in the morning, warming by noon and match was done before the wind picked up. What could be better? Our Classifier Match attracted 24 ICORE stalwarts. The "dry" wash is nearly so and the road in has been graded somewhat smooth. Some major road repairs are in work, but the Wheel Burner ranges are back to normal, albeit with a bumper crop of weeds which Rich is managing with help from Monsanto. Our annual Range Clean Up day looks to be overcome by events, as we are starting into the normal shooting season and spare weekends are sparse. All members are encouraged to contribute by picking up trash during match days and taking a little care to stack sticks and stow equipment.

John Maxwell joined us, hobbling through the stages as his tendon surgery hasn't yet healed fully. John is deadly with his Model 66 and will be a fierce competitor when he can move freely.

The stages (in order of range placement): CS-007 "Speed Only" - 5 targets, one string. One Shot Limited round per each with Free, Strong and Weak, a couple of standing reloads in between. A nice warmup for Far & Near. Mike Perez showed up late at the match, but first on this stage. CS-005 "One Lump or Two?" - a strange concoction starting with 5 close targets arrayed in echelon so just sweep across and hose them with one round apiece. Or more if you needed, as this stage was Shots Unlimited. Move briskly to the other box and bang away with 2 rounds at 3 close paper and do a standing reload to pick up the 3 distant paper. No order on the last two arrays, and it was shot both ways. Soon to be A class shooter Art found the handle on this one, barely beating Billy the Kid for the win. Far & Near - everyone grumbles, but nobody wimped out. The die hards continue to do the 50 yard flop, with Dan showing some creativity with his frog kick deployment. Planting the gun butt and then flailing his legs back got him a reshoot as he kicked Rich in the shins on the way down. Ouch. Tim Norris brought his rooting section and got the best score. CS-011 "So Many Targets, So Little Time" - 7 targets arranged in 3 arrays. A group of two on each end with 3 in the middle, farther back. Start in either box and do 3 rounds each on the end array, then pick up the group of 3 with two shots per enroute, ending in the opposite box and the final 3 rounds per target. Shots Limited on this one. Art forgot it was a classifier match and snatched another win. CS-015 "Long Shot" - if you think 15 yards isn't that long, then think again. This Tim Norris creation started with hands up in either of two boxes. Simply shoot the group of 3 with two rounds each, move and repeat. Not many shot it clean, but Billy did and showed Art the way for the win.

May Match

The date of the next match is still scheduled for the 7th which is the FIRST Saturday. However, should the Southwest Regional be deferred, then the date will return to the normal second Saturday. As we get more information, we will post it on the web site and do a call alert.

Southwest Regional

The West End gun club web site says that range access is now possible, but only if you have a Hummer or a full-on 4WD truck. Any more rain will just about certainly knock the Regional out of May, but they haven't conceded defeat just yet. Until further notice, it's on the 14th of May. For a match application, see the ICORE match page or just click here to get an application and get it in the mail. You have already missed the "early bird" date, but the difference is small, so get those applications in. Let's have the Wheel Burners show up in force at this event wearing our "colors." If you don't have a shirt, see Rich!

IRC 2005

Exactly two months away and roaring toward us, the IRC will be here before you know it. You have missed the "early bird" match fee, but may still be able to get a discount if you work as an RO. If you are computer-adept, please see or e-mail Ron for a chance to earn a match fee discount by working the stats shack.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club. Just like the Boll Weevil, Kerry Standifer and his crew are "lookin' for a home." No news as yet, but they are actively investigating some possibilities.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2005. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez has monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. Team Lopez is also hosting the Rimfire Steel Championships on April 23rd. Match sponsor is Ruger. More information and match application on the link above.