April 2004 Newsletter

April Match: Nothing brings out the recluses like a classifier match before the big matches of summer. All the regulars and lots of people we haven’t seen in awhile. Twenty seven shooters, some bringing a second gun that rounded out the roster to thirty one. I think that’s a Wheelburners club record. Displaying all the manners of pigs at the trough Ron W. and Derek hogged up everything. Overall first and second, first open, first limited and all stage wins. So undignified was it that they both got their snouts caught together and had to eat Far and Near at the same time. What’s that you say?…Why yes the sour grapes were tasty thank you. Art who should have been rusty having not been out in awhile, wasn’t and took third overall. Welcome to first time attendee Bill Price who after picking up a flyer for the SWRRC at the Sharpshooters range, located us on the internet. Special thanks to Ron W. for getting the scores out so quickly. He was somehow convinced to do them under the ridiculous pretext that since the classifier sheets would have to go to him eventually he might as well take them now. He must have been delirious from his recent engorgement. The stages: Accuracy Is Everything (CS-008) Two boxes on the 180, five papers set up in an inverted W. Start in the box of your choice. From the right box engage center and right targets right hand only two rounds each and then do a mirror from the left box. How Fast Are You (CS-009) A three paper array to the left at about 30ft and likewise to the right. A single paper center at 15ft. Engage the right array 2 rounds reload and center two rounds. String two, repeat with the right array. So Many targets So Little Time (CS-011) Two boxes widely spaced on the 180. Two papers associated with each and three papers in the netherland between. Start in a box of your choice and engage the two papers 3 rounds each. Engage the three papers between boxes 2 rounds each and from the second box engage the two papers three rounds each. Mandatory reloads before changing arrays. Close Quarter Drill (CS-012) Two papers right, two center and two left. From the box engage each paper three rounds. Far and Near That grumpy old man that knows just how to pull your chain.

Club Match: The next Wheelburners club match will be on May 1st. That’s a change from our normal schedule so mark your calendar. May 8th will be the Aerosteel match hosted by the Northrop club at the steel challenge range. Many Wheelburners also shoot the Northrup club. May’s match is six round friendly and includes lunch.

SWRRC: May 15th will be the South West Regional Revolver Championship. Always lots of bang for your shooting buck. This year being hosted by the West End gun club, for more info go to their web page

Club Shirts:about club shirts. He’s asking all Rich has been getting some inquiries those who are interested to mail him stating how many are wanted. Don’t worry, this is not your order. He’s merely trying to determine if there is enough interest to make an order economically viable. If so you’ll have a chance later to pick color, style, size, etc. Cost is determined by what you choose and how large the overall order is. Rich’s e-mail.

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hiddenvalleyrc/ for directions and information. Team Lopez has monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. For more information and a contact, go to http://www.22rimfire.org/teamlopez.htm .