March 2005 Newsletter

Match Report

Another beautiful day - with 21 shooters anxious to enjoy a Ron Joslin match. The road in has improved from "horrible" to merely "awful," so everyone was able to get across but one. Note to self - never buy a used car from a shooter . . .

The Gurule clan continues to be out in force, with Billy and Nick again shooting, shepherded by father Mike. We enjoyed seeing Tim and Mike who took time from their growing business to put some lead downrange. Nelson and Team Lopez shooter Brian came out. Good to see you all. Some familiar faces re-appeared and even took some stages. Even Bob M managed a smile or two.

The stages: "Ron's Gallery" - everything started on a barrel, but only the first was your own iron. Each of the 3 subsequent barrels held a sample from Ron's eclectic collection. A Model 15 with those skinny little carry grips that were popular in the 60's, a micro-light S&W J-frame in 8-round .22 and a Glock, loaded with only 8 rounds. Shots limited, leaving cleared weaponry as you advanced. Just no way to game this, it was strictly speed and staying on target with a wide selection of sight options. Derek solved the sight mystery best. "Steel Sixes" - that starting array looked very familiar - but all of the plates were in play. 6 rounds on the array, move and engage a rectangular steel with the next 6 and then puff your way to the last box and finish with 6 on the second rectangle. It was easy to get enchanted and stop to admire the groupings, but this was a real "shoot and scoot" stage. Slow and steady Ron W beat the racers on this one. Far & Near - About like you'd expect, although scores were not as good as last month. No matter, as we'll see this one a few more times before June. Art continues to make a case for moving up to "A" class by shooting another consistent match and a win on F&N. "Ziggety Pop" - 4 groups of 6 shots. 9 paper targets and the plate rack. You could zig your way through them in this opportunistic event, just shoot what you see. That plate rack was mighty tempting for the 8 holers, if two could be dropped on each string, then a reload could be saved. But, it was just too far to be a sure thing and the first miss ensured a standing reload. Several tried, none succeeded. Limited shooter Michael T set the pace. And this after not shooting since December. Maybe we should all take a few months off! Classifier CS-008, aka "Accuracy is Everything." Two boxes, starting from either. Near, far, middle two rounds, next box and repeat. Simple, except that right box was right-handed and left box was left-handed. Middle target was shared for a total of 12 rounds. More Strong/Weak practice and results showed it was needed. Again, Michael didn't know it was a classifier and shot it straight up for the win. The rest of the "baggers" trailed by wide margins.

April Match

The next club match will be on the 9th. Rich and Ron will set up the classifiers and we'll have another go at F&N.

Southwest Regional

Cedric reports that the West End guys are still having problems getting to the range, but they are undaunted. Until further notice, it's on the 14th of May. The May Wheel Burner match is moving to the 7th to avoid it and give our club some last minute prep. Go the ICORE match page or just click here to get an application and get it in the mail to make the "early bird" cutoff. Let's have the Wheel Burners show up in force at this event wearing our "colors." If you don't have a shirt, see Rich!

IRC 2005

It's getting close to that time again. Just as in May, the IRC is stepping squarely on our monthly match. So, we are sliding up to June 4th and still one more shot at F&N before the big event. Even with the date change, rooms are still available. You might not get your first choice, but you don't have to sleep in the parking lot. Watch that "early bird" cutoff - applications have to be received by April 1st. Don't delay.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club. Kerry Standifer reports the local yokels have rescinded the use of the range they were using and he's now looking for a new host in the San Diego area. Nothing yet, but don't give up. If you have a hint, drop him a line via e-mail.

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2005. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez has monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. Team Lopez is also hosting the Rimfire Steel Championships on April 23rd. Match sponsor is Ruger. More information and match application on the link above.