MARCH 2003 Newsletter

March Match: Twenty two shooters attended the match featuring stages by Ron J., Harry R., and Pete L. A fair amount of movement was required and the modification to Far and Near made for some interesting results. Renny won the match by a substantial margin and took two stages. Derek after a long while off the game is getting back into the grove and placed second with a stage win. Juan won the remaining stage. Richard N. won the stock division with good consistent shooting. Welcome to Bob Schlesinger, and Charles made it back sporting some new equipment and even Ray is being seen again. Note that one of the five stages was thrown out as one squad shot the stage improperly and time did not permit a reshoot resulting in only four stages for score. The stage of discussion was three paper at about 35 yrds from a box, you must be any where but in the box to engage the paper with six rounds each. The stages: Not Quite Standard; Two boxes angling downrange and right, from the first box engage the five paper two rounds and the two poppers to fall, move to box B and engage the four paper and two plates one round each right hand then one round each left hand, one string Far & Near Mod; Far and Near but instead of par times strings are clock time. Running 2; Two boxes angling downrange and left, from the first box engage the three near paper two rounds and the three distant plates one round, somewhere between the boxes engage the next three paper two rounds and from box B engage the next three paper two rounds each, one string. Up Close; In the shape of an inverted V two paper to the left a plate in the center and two paper on the right, in any order engage the paper two rounds and the plate one, repeat for three strings all keepers.


Range Cleanup: Certainly one of the more ambitious range improvements in recent memory. We relocated the steel target shed, organized both sheds, and finished about half of the awning reroof on the twenty second of February. We completed the reroof after the March club match. Our club is not for profit and operates on a shoe string budget. It lives or dies based on the quantity and quality of volunteerism. A big debt of thanks to those that helped. In alphabetical order: Church, Hall, Ichikawa, Joslin, Lawrence, Magome, McIntosh, Miles, Richards, Williamson and Yoshimura. Additional thanks to Williamson for the donation of lumber and hardware.

Club Match: No club match for April as that is the SWWRC (see below). The May match will be all classifiers so that all who need classification by the June 20-22 IRC can do so. There is a real need for some of the newer club members to step forward with stage design and or setup as many of the old timers will be busy with duties associated to the SWRRC or IRC.

Stage Designs: Cedric came across a web site of stage designs. The site catalogues 273 stages divided into round count categories and also allows up loading of designs by visitors. The link is The stages are IPSC but with a little modification most if not all can be adapted to ICORE. We’ll add a link to the site on our Match Tools web page.

SWRRC: This years Southwest Regional Revolver Championships will hosted on our very own Wheelburner ranges at Piru on April 12th. Preparations for the event have been under way for some time now and if you can help with stage setup please do so. Sign up forms can be had at the ICORE page. For more info contact Match Director Nelson Dymond

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to for directions and information.