February 2006 Newsletter

Match Report

After being rained out in January, a beautiful day. We signed up members and shot the Australian Postal Match. Rich was at the Shot Show and Ron J was on travel, but we welcomed new members Jeff Gibbs and Ky-Won Lee. John Bagakis was passing through and dropped in to shoot with us and show the local Limited guys how it should be done.

We also held our drawing for the 2005 Stage Contribution awards. Nicholas did the honors, drawing out the winners from the 32 entries. Dan Hall walked away with a Franklin and Ron Joslin got the Grant. We'll do this again in 2006, so let your creative side loose.

The stages: Half Hard: As it sounds - 6 targets alternating with one side as hard cover. A test of one's confidence as well as ability, as those half targets were intimidating. 3 boxes at 15, 12.5 and 10 meters. Start in the first one with revolver UNLOADED. At the beep try and remember to load first and shoot second. One round each, reload, move and repeat for a total of 18 rounds, Shots Limited. Ron kept them out of the black to win the stage. Time To Fumble: The same setup as the first stage with the hard cover removed. Again, start unloaded and try to remember not start pulling the trigger on an empty cylinder. First box 3 rounds per target, next box 2 rounds and final box 1 round per, Shots Limited. John B took this one with some smooth reloading. Far & Near: As is our annual custom, we started shooting the monthly F&N punishment. This goes on until the IRC. Scores were somewhat erratic, but they will settle down by June. Just like the IRC, this single stage can drive the match results. Art won the Postal, but a miss on F&N dropped him into 2nd overall. X-Ring Misery: Not as bad as it sounds. A & B zones open, the rest as hard cover. X count and Shots Limited, targets arranged in a vee formation. Start in one box and engage half the vee with 2 rounds each, move and repeat with the other 3 targets. One continuous string. Derek found the center and the speed to come up with a net time under 1 second. This & That: Same target layout as X-Ring, but no hard cover. 3 strings. String 1, start in left box, engage 3 targets freestyle with 2 rounds, move and finish the remaining targets. String 2, start in right box, engage 3 rightmost targets with 1 round each, strong hand, move and finish left targets. String 3, start in left box, engage 3 leftmost with 1 round each, weak hand, move and finish right targets. Again, John B showed this was about being smooth with a strong win.

March Rimfire Match

Rimfire steel will be offered again on March 4. Our standard format with 3 stages of pistol/revolver, then repeat with an extra plate using rifle. Juniors pay only $5 so bring the youngsters. Newbies are $10 as usual. Regulars $15. A really good time and lots of fun.

March Match

We'll be testing out some possible classifier stages that Rich has designed. And our usual Far & Near fun.

April Match

April is our traditional all-Classifier event.

2006 Officers

Due to a complete absence of interest, it looks like we have defaulted once again to our standing Board of Directors. Of course, we'll always welcome a volunteer, so don't be bashful.

2006 Membership

Membership fees for 2006 were set at $35 to join, retaining our $20 match fee for members and $25 for non-members. Members are welcome at any time during the year and fees will be prorated appropriately. Stay tuned for a range cleanup day.

Faces we haven't seen in a while. . . Gregg S, Carolyn, Craig, Ray, Yuki and Heeday.

More Shooting in the Southern Cal Area

Hidden Valley Revolver Club Looking for a home . . .

Central Coast Wheel Gunners have monthly matches at the Hogue Action Pistol range in San Luis Obispo, the home of the IRC for 2006. On the third Saturday of the month.

Team Lopez has 4th Saturday monthly ICORE matches in the northern Los Angeles area. This year the morning ICORE match will be followed by an afternoon rimfire steel event. Double fun!