FEBRUARY 2003 Newsletter

 February Match: We had so many shooters we ran out of classifier score sheets. That didn’t stop us, we simply grabbed some generics and used them instead. Lots of old friends stopped by for this month’s match; Richard, Carolyn, Bob S., Ray, Rhonda, Mike, Renny and Randy. Joe Metz attended his first Wheelburners but a look at his scores indicate he’s not new to the game. We hear he shoots IDPA and steel as well. Renny won the match and two stages with Juan only a little more then a second away taking two stages as well. Pete won the remaining stage. Dan won the limited division at fourth over all. The setup was a little hectic with the implementation of our new method of assigning stage responsibility versus whole match. Most of the problems arose from the delay in deciding what stages to setup to achieve a balanced match and then deciding which stages would be the best fit for the various available bays. A lesson learned would be that the shooters who are setting up stages should have some contact with each other before the match to determine these issues. Ideally each shooter should have say three designs of varying style and size to choose from and perhaps the senior member of the group could decide which stages on what bays. Just a thought. If you have other ideas bring them to the next shooters meeting. The stages: Draw: turn over a card from the shuffled group, turn and shoot that paper with 2 rounds then shoot the remaining four paper in any order, repeat twice. Far & Near: That hard one with long shots, par times and one hand. Plate Rack Plus: Two plate racks and three poppers associated with each, String one from the left box shoot the left rack and poppers, string two the right side and string three shoot it all from the center box. Long Shot (CS03-01): Two boxes on the 180 and six paper at 40 yrds on the 180, shoot the left paper from the left box and the right paper from the right box two rounds each. Steel Boxes: Four boxes heading down range, 4 paper and 10 steel sprinkled about, shoot the steel from a box, the paper two rounds anywhere.


Range Cleanup: The range cleanup is scheduled for Saturday Feb 22nd in spite of the typo in last months news. Chef Ron J. will be out of town so we’ll be needing someone who’s handy with the BBQ to help prepare the lunch. If you have the knack let Ron W. or Rich know or simply show up and declare your intent. Rich is bringing food. Wally’s bringing plywood for the roof and Ron W. is bringing some left over material. If you have a set of nail bags and carpentry hand tools bring them. Circular saws, sawzalls and perhaps a large drill with a few large bits would also be useful. We’ll be making a detailed material list at the Northrop match but if you happen to have some old stuff lying around bring it up because it always seems something is forgotten. At all cost don’t forget to bring the most important thing. Yourself. We have a lot of things to do and every hand is needed. Even if physical labor is not your thing, enough people make a job short work.

Club Match: Ron J. and Pete will be setting up stages for the March 8th club match. Harry has answered the call for more club member participation and will be setting up his first stage at the March match. There will be no April club match as the regional will be at our range in April (see below). We will be looking for stage design and setup for May and that’s plenty of time to come up with something so this might be a good time to volunteer.

SWRRC: This years Southwest Regional Revolver Championships will hosted on our very own Wheelburner ranges at Piru on April 12th. Eight stages, over two hundred rounds, a bountiful prize table, a tasty lunch, and a great shooting crowd for only $65 make this one of the better shooting deals in the game. Sign up forms can be had at the ICORE page but don’t delay. Early bird signup ends March 1. For more info contact Match Director Nelson Dymond

More Shooting: Here’s some info on other South CA revolver matches. Hidden Valley Revolver Club (HVRC) ICORE match on the 4th Sat. at the Escondido Fish and Game (EFG) Assn. Go to http://members.cox.net/hvrc/ for directions and information.