The California Wheel Burners are a friendly shooting club that was originally formed in 1994 for the purpose of promoting “action” revolver shooting in the Los Angeles area. We are affiliated with the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts (ICORE) and offer a standardized "classifier" stage at each match. ICORE is an international sanctioning body which promotes revolver-only shooting at local, regional, national and international competitions. ICORE governs classifications, rules and a championship program dedicated to the exclusive support of wheel gun enthusiasts.

Club events are open to all - you don't have to be a member to shoot with us. Loaner gear and guns can be available if you need them. Our informal matches are strictly for fun and personal satisfaction. We're a relaxed and sociable group and always happy to welcome a new shooter!

Wheel Burners shooters represent a broad diversity of shooting skill levels. New shooters are always welcomed and given guidance through the match to make the events easy to understand, safe and enjoyable. We are a low-pressure group who still think you can have a good time with a stock six shooter or a basic .22 plinker.

On the 1st Saturday we typically have a 6 or 8-stage rimfire steel event with handguns and rifles. On the 3rd Saturday we hold a ICORE revolver match that typically features 5 individual stages of steel, paper and action targets. On the 4th Saturday we occasionally feature a special fun match that may consist of autopistols, shotguns, a combination of rifle, shotgun, or pistol or other shooting as the members request. Match events may be scheduled differently to accommodate other major events, holidays, or weather.


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