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Current Practiscore Results


  Wheel Burners  1- Crossfire4- Spin 
  25-Jun-22   2- Swinging5- Star
  Overall    3- Around
PlClNameTypeDivStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5TotalL%
1MBonetto, AndyPCCO27.507.8724.9638.4415.99114.76100.00
2BHughes, SeanPCCO20.8219.3731.9161.5326.42160.0571.70
3MHall, DanL10L26.3817.7737.1644.4435.04160.79100.00
4MMarneus, ChrisLL28.1321.0834.7644.2035.56163.7398.20
5CMarshall, BillOO30.1929.5263.5674.2451.28248.7946.13

 Wheel Burners               
 Stage 1- Crossfire  Stage 2- Swinging  Stage 3- Around
PlNameTypeDivStg 1 PlNameTypeDivStg 2 PlNameTypeDivStg 3
1Hughes, SeanPCCO20.82 1Bonetto, AndyPCCO7.87 1Bonetto, AndyPCCO24.96
2Hall, DanL10L26.38 2Hall, DanL10L17.77 2Hughes, SeanPCCO31.91
3Bonetto, AndyPCCO27.50 3Hughes, SeanPCCO19.37 3Marneus, ChrisLL34.76
4Marneus, ChrisLL28.13 4Marneus, ChrisLL21.08 4Hall, DanL10L37.16
5Marshall, BillOO30.19 5Marshall, BillOO29.52 5Marshall, BillOO63.56

 Stage 4- Spin  Stage 5- Star
PlNameTypeDivStg 4 PlNameTypeDivStg 5
1Bonetto, AndyPCCO38.44 1Bonetto, AndyPCCO15.99
2Marneus, ChrisLL44.20 2Hughes, SeanPCCO26.42
3Hall, DanL10L44.44 3Hall, DanL10L35.04
4Hughes, SeanPCCO61.53 4Marneus, ChrisLL35.56
5Marshall, BillOO74.24 5Marshall, BillOO51.28


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