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  Wheel Burners          
  Category Ref          
 1- PCC5- Rev Opn        
 2- Lim106- Opn 1- Treeper4- Walk This 
 3- Lim7- Rev Lim  2- Face Time5- Walls
 4- Sngl Stk   3- Bridge
PlClNameTypeDivCatStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5TotalL%
1MHopkins, CharliePCCO122.9121.8019.8940.2343.14147.97100.00
2MHughes, SeanLL329.8527.1933.5459.1253.92203.62100.00
3MCutforth, EricSSL439.9026.2227.7746.9463.41204.2499.70
4MHall, DanL10L229.1431.9426.5737.4179.31204.3799.63
5BWilliamson, RonROO533.1225.3334.5056.5756.46205.9871.84
6BCutforth, ChuckPCCO130.2023.8936.5668.5773.05232.2763.71
7BBonetto, AndyOO636.1745.7829.9660.3161.19233.4163.39
8AAdlersberg, SonyaL10L246.9129.5241.6746.6069.26233.9687.03
9BBrooks, PatRLL756.5738.0240.6467.52119.93322.6863.10

 Wheel Burners  1- Treeper4- Walk This
 26-Nov-22   2- Face Time5- Walls
 Special Categories    3- Bridge
PlNameTypeDivStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5Total
Category 1 - PCC
1Hopkins, CharliePCCO22.9121.8019.8940.2343.14147.97
2Cutforth, ChuckPCCO30.2023.8936.5668.5773.05232.27
Category 2 - Lim10
1Hall, DanL10L29.1431.9426.5737.4179.31204.37
2Adlersberg, SonyaL10L46.9129.5241.6746.6069.26233.96
Category 3 - Lim
1Hughes, SeanLL29.8527.1933.5459.1253.92203.62
Category 4 - Sngl Stk
1Cutforth, EricSSL39.9026.2227.7746.9463.41204.24
Category 5 - Rev Opn
1Williamson, RonROO33.1225.3334.5056.5756.46205.98
Category 6 - Opn
1Bonetto, AndyOO36.1745.7829.9660.3161.19233.41
Category 7 - Rev Lim
1Brooks, PatRLL56.5738.0240.6467.52119.93322.68

 Wheel Burners                  
 Category Ref                  
1- PCC5- Rev Opn                
2- Lim106- Opn                
3- Lim7- Rev Lim                
4- Sngl Stk                
 Stage 1- Treeper  Stage 2- Face Time  Stage 3- Bridge
PlNameTypeDivCatStg 1 PlNameTypeDivCatStg 2 PlNameTypeDivCatStg 3
1Hopkins, CharliePCCO122.91 1Hopkins, CharliePCCO121.80 1Hopkins, CharliePCCO119.89
2Hall, DanL10L229.14 2Cutforth, ChuckPCCO123.89 2Hall, DanL10L226.57
3Hughes, SeanLL329.85 3Williamson, RonROO525.33 3Cutforth, EricSSL427.77
4Cutforth, ChuckPCCO130.20 4Cutforth, EricSSL426.22 4Bonetto, AndyOO629.96
5Williamson, RonROO533.12 5Hughes, SeanLL327.19 5Hughes, SeanLL333.54
6Bonetto, AndyOO636.17 6Adlersberg, SonyaL10L229.52 6Williamson, RonROO534.50
7Cutforth, EricSSL439.90 7Hall, DanL10L231.94 7Cutforth, ChuckPCCO136.56
8Adlersberg, SonyaL10L246.91 8Brooks, PatRLL738.02 8Brooks, PatRLL740.64
9Brooks, PatRLL756.57 9Bonetto, AndyOO645.78 9Adlersberg, SonyaL10L241.67

 Stage 4- Walk This  Stage 5- Walls
PlNameTypeDivCatStg 4 PlNameTypeDivCatStg 5
1Hall, DanL10L237.41 1Hopkins, CharliePCCO143.14
2Hopkins, CharliePCCO140.23 2Hughes, SeanLL353.92
3Adlersberg, SonyaL10L246.60 3Williamson, RonROO556.46
4Cutforth, EricSSL446.94 4Bonetto, AndyOO661.19
5Williamson, RonROO556.57 5Cutforth, EricSSL463.41
6Hughes, SeanLL359.12 6Adlersberg, SonyaL10L269.26
7Bonetto, AndyOO660.31 7Cutforth, ChuckPCCO173.05
8Brooks, PatRLL767.52 8Hall, DanL10L279.31
9Cutforth, ChuckPCCO168.57 9Brooks, PatRLL7119.93


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