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Current Practiscore Results


  Wheel Burners   1- Postal14- Postal4 
  21-Nov-20    2- Postal25- Far&Near
  Overall     3- Postal3
 L I         
PlClNameClassICORE #DivStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5TotalL%
1GMHall, DanACA9634L35.7129.6229.5729.1623.00147.06100.00
2BHughes, SeanCCA3905L48.8739.4437.7534.9772.00233.0363.11
3BMessina, WarrenCLCA1599L59.0637.8234.5746.5758.00236.0262.31
4GMHunley, KathrynCCA2955C53.1749.5440.3940.02116.00299.12100.00
5DBrooks, PatUCA4246L59.2547.5545.3642.56142.00336.7243.67
6GMHenry, Bill (CAO)U O73.0059.2960.9857.27141.00391.54100.00
7DHunley, RobertDCA2954L69.3164.0448.9071.98144.00398.2336.93

  Wheel Burners   1- Postal14- Postal4
  21-Nov-20    2- Postal2
  Postal     3- Postal3 
 L I        
PlClNameClassICORE #DivStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4TotalL%
1GMHall, DanACA9634L35.7129.6229.5729.16124.06100.00
2AHughes, SeanCCA3905L48.8739.4437.7534.97161.0377.04
3BMessina, WarrenCLCA1599L59.0637.8234.5746.57178.0269.69
4GMHunley, KathrynCCA2955C53.1749.5440.3940.02183.12100.00
5BBrooks, PatUCA4246L59.2547.5545.3642.56194.7263.71
6GMHenry, Bill (CAO)U O73.0059.2960.9857.27250.54100.00
7CHunley, RobertDCA2954L69.3164.0448.9071.98254.2348.80

 Wheel Burners            
 Stage 1- Postal1  Stage 2- Postal2  Stage 3- Postal3
PlNameDivStg 1 PlNameDivStg 2 PlNameDivStg 3
1Hall, DanL35.71 1Hall, DanL29.62 1Hall, DanL29.57
2Hughes, SeanL48.87 2Messina, WarrenL37.82 2Messina, WarrenL34.57
3Hunley, KathrynC53.17 3Hughes, SeanL39.44 3Hughes, SeanL37.75
4Messina, WarrenL59.06 4Brooks, PatL47.55 4Hunley, KathrynC40.39
5Brooks, PatL59.25 5Hunley, KathrynC49.54 5Brooks, PatL45.36
6Hunley, RobertL69.31 6Henry, Bill (CAO)O59.29 6Hunley, RobertL48.90
7Henry, Bill (CAO)O73.00 7Hunley, RobertL64.04 7Henry, Bill (CAO)O60.98

 Stage 4- Postal4  Stage 5- Far&Near
PlNameDivStg 4 PlNameDivStg 5
1Hall, DanL29.16 1Hall, DanL23.00
2Hughes, SeanL34.97 2Messina, WarrenL58.00
3Hunley, KathrynC40.02 3Hughes, SeanL72.00
4Brooks, PatL42.56 4Hunley, KathrynC116.00
5Messina, WarrenL46.57 5Henry, Bill (CAO)O141.00
6Henry, Bill (CAO)O57.27 6Brooks, PatL142.00
7Hunley, RobertL71.98 7Hunley, RobertL144.00


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