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Current Practiscore Results


  Wheel Burners   1- Steel4- Far & Near 
  11-Sep-21    2- Mo Steel5- Postal 4
  Overall     3- Postal 3
 L I         
PlClNameClassICORE #DivStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5TotalL%
1GMHall, DanACA9634L16.7014.5926.7332.0016.14106.16100.00
2BHughes, SeanCCA3905L16.8017.6227.8274.0015.42151.6670.00
3CMeyer, BillU L30.4233.6940.4176.0040.65221.1748.00
4GMBonetto, AndyUCA3863C30.4027.2044.9499.0025.82227.36100.00
5DMarshall, BillU L31.4751.2848.08109.0032.23272.0639.02
6DRungaldier, HarryUCA9826L49.8333.9869.49113.0045.85312.1534.01

 Wheel Burners            
 Stage 1- Steel  Stage 2- Mo Steel  Stage 3- Postal 3
PlNameDivStg 1 PlNameDivStg 2 PlNameDivStg 3
1Hall, DanL16.70 1Hall, DanL14.59 1Hall, DanL26.73
2Hughes, SeanL16.80 2Hughes, SeanL17.62 2Hughes, SeanL27.82
3Bonetto, AndyC30.40 3Bonetto, AndyC27.20 3Meyer, BillL40.41
4Meyer, BillL30.42 4Meyer, BillL33.69 4Bonetto, AndyC44.94
5Marshall, BillL31.47 5Rungaldier, HarryL33.98 5Marshall, BillL48.08
6Rungaldier, HarryL49.83 6Marshall, BillL51.28 6Rungaldier, HarryL69.49

 Stage 4- Far & Near  Stage 5- Postal 4
PlNameDivStg 4 PlNameDivStg 5
1Hall, DanL32.00 1Hughes, SeanL15.42
2Hughes, SeanL74.00 2Hall, DanL16.14
3Meyer, BillL76.00 3Bonetto, AndyC25.82
4Bonetto, AndyC99.00 4Marshall, BillL32.23
5Marshall, BillL109.00 5Meyer, BillL40.65
6Rungaldier, HarryL113.00 6Rungaldier, HarryL45.85


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