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  Wheel Burners           
  Category Reference    1- 5 Target/Box4- Far & Near 
 1- CF Auto3- RF Auto   2- Bill Drill(CS3)5- Pick A Barrel
 2- Rev    3- The Point
 L I  Sp       
PlClNameClassICORE #DivCatStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5TotalL%
1GMYarish, MikeU O121.2311.0732.2536.0020.42120.97100.00
2GMHall, DanACA9634L224.4712.8642.3941.0035.27155.99100.00
3AJoye, JohnU O121.2124.9534.1757.0021.02158.3576.39
4AMessina, WarrenCLCA1599L224.8119.7151.0953.0036.61185.2284.22
5BHughes, SeanU L128.0723.4542.62101.0034.82229.9667.83
6BZarth, WilleU L128.8915.2853.89115.0035.88248.9462.66
7CZarth, AlexU L136.8223.7477.6899.0054.46291.7053.48
8DAllred, LynnU L374.7342.24113.34105.0068.79404.1038.60
9DHenry, BillU L144.9131.60153.52134.0081.98446.0134.97
10DKim, JamieU L168.3733.79124.06134.00109.79470.0133.19

 Wheel Burners   1- 5 Target/Box4- Far & Near
 19-Dec-20    2- Bill Drill(CS3)5- Pick A Barrel
 Special Categories     3- The Point
PlNameClassICORE #DivStg 1Stg 2Stg 3Stg 4Stg 5Total
Category 1 - CF Auto
1Yarish, MikeU O21.2311.0732.2536.0020.42120.97
2Joye, JohnU O21.2124.9534.1757.0021.02158.35
3Hughes, SeanU L28.0723.4542.62101.0034.82229.96
4Zarth, WilleU L28.8915.2853.89115.0035.88248.94
5Zarth, AlexU L36.8223.7477.6899.0054.46291.70
6Henry, BillU L44.9131.60153.52134.0081.98446.01
7Kim, JamieU L68.3733.79124.06134.00109.79470.01
Category 2 - Rev
1Hall, DanACA9634L24.4712.8642.3941.0035.27155.99
2Messina, WarrenCLCA1599L24.8119.7151.0953.0036.61185.22
Category 3 - RF Auto
1Allred, LynnU L74.7342.24113.34105.0068.79404.10

 Wheel Burners               
 Category Reference              
1- CF Auto3- RF Auto            
2- Rev            
 Stage 1- 5 Target/Box  Stage 2- Bill Drill(CS3)  Stage 3- The Point
PlNameDivCatStg 1 PlNameDivCatStg 2 PlNameDivCatStg 3
1Joye, JohnO121.21 1Yarish, MikeO111.07 1Yarish, MikeO132.25
2Yarish, MikeO121.23 2Hall, DanL212.86 2Joye, JohnO134.17
3Hall, DanL224.47 3Zarth, WilleL115.28 3Hall, DanL242.39
4Messina, WarrenL224.81 4Messina, WarrenL219.71 4Hughes, SeanL142.62
5Hughes, SeanL128.07 5Hughes, SeanL123.45 5Messina, WarrenL251.09
6Zarth, WilleL128.89 6Zarth, AlexL123.74 6Zarth, WilleL153.89
7Zarth, AlexL136.82 7Joye, JohnO124.95 7Zarth, AlexL177.68
8Henry, BillL144.91 8Henry, BillL131.60 8Allred, LynnL3113.34
9Kim, JamieL168.37 9Kim, JamieL133.79 9Kim, JamieL1124.06
10Allred, LynnL374.73 10Allred, LynnL342.24 10Henry, BillL1153.52

 Stage 4- Far & Near  Stage 5- Pick A Barrel
PlNameDivCatStg 4 PlNameDivCatStg 5
1Yarish, MikeO136.00 1Yarish, MikeO120.42
2Hall, DanL241.00 2Joye, JohnO121.02
3Messina, WarrenL253.00 3Hughes, SeanL134.82
4Joye, JohnO157.00 4Hall, DanL235.27
5Zarth, AlexL199.00 5Zarth, WilleL135.88
6Hughes, SeanL1101.00 6Messina, WarrenL236.61
7Allred, LynnL3105.00 7Zarth, AlexL154.46
8Zarth, WilleL1115.00 8Allred, LynnL368.79
9Kim, JamieL1134.00 9Henry, BillL181.98
10Henry, BillL1134.00 10Kim, JamieL1109.79


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